The World Might Be A Better Place If Everyone Would Treat Their Opinions As They Treat Their Dicks


First of all, people would take way more care about their opinions. Instead of keeping them unchanged for years, they might check them out at least weekly. “Hm, I feel a little bit triggered today, let’s check on my opinions down there, I might have gotten some opinion chlamydia. And I’m not even aware of … Read more

Hi, I’m Media. Social Media.

social media

Traditionally, there are 3 recognized powers in a modern state: legislative, executive and judiciary. Or, in other words, government, which implements the laws created by the parliament (elected by popular vote), under the scrutiny of justice, which makes sure there are no slippages. These 3 powers are usually separated by what we call “checks and … Read more

Fear versus Hunger

fear versus hunger

2020 was the Fear year. 2021 might be the Hunger year. I’m very well aware that this is an awful oversimplification, but still, I think there’s value in exploring a little bit this path. 2020 was the year in which, for weeks, all airplanes on the planet were grounded and the sky was free from … Read more