Modern Gods

Rozy is a virtual human model. Meaning “she” is a bunch of pixels stacked together in a recognizable (and crafted to look beautiful to our eyes) human shape by an AI algorithm. She is not real in the sense you and I are real. “She” (note the quotation marks, again) is just an ephemeral collection … Read more

The Benefit Of Spanning Multiple Realities

If you think this post is about psychedelics or other types or tripping, tough luck. It isn’t. It’s about more mundane, yet orders of magnitude more important ways to span multiple realities. First one is on the temporal axis. Second one is on the space axis. In simpler words, you span multiple realities on your … Read more

Reality As A Service – Living By Subscription

As conscious beings, we have the ability to integrate our experiences into mental representations, into frameworks and patterns that we combine together. We call the main combination, the one that integrates them all, “reality”. At the core of these frameworks lies the smallest building unit: information. We get information from a variety of sources. We … Read more

Artificial Intelligence, Microscopes And Your Next Monday Double Espresso

We, humans, have a very limited hardware setup. Our sensors are not able to perceive a whole range of data. For instance, we cannot see in infrared, or X-Rays. We cannot hear ultrasounds. We cannot see past microns, or beyond the solar system. But we are very inventive. Our capacity to create external tools for … Read more