First Official Marathon In The “New Normal”

Today I finished the Lisbon Marathon. It was my first official race of this length since the Covid clusterfuck unfolded (just for clarity, when I’m referring to this as a “clusterfuck”, I’m referring to the way it’s handled, and how the powers in charge are piggybacking this black swan event to tighten control and restrict … Read more

Exactly 9 Years Ago

… I finished my first marathon. On October 7 2012, beaten and bruised, still overweight, I was crawling towards the finish line of what eventually became the start of my new life. I finished 42km for the first time ever, just a month before my 42nd anniversary, in 5 hours and 20 minutes. Looking back, … Read more

The Last 2 Kilometers Of A Marathon

Including training sessions, I think I ran over 50 marathons by now. Maybe more, I didn’t keep count, I just did a short back of the envelope mental calculation. I don’t consider myself a competitive ultra-runner, mostly because I personally know people who ran hundreds of marathons. I know my place, but even if I’m … Read more

New Beginnings Are Important, But Honest Endings Are Importanter

First of all, the title is piggy-backing on a popular meme, I speak English long enough to know when to say “more important”, so don’t even bother correcting me. Second, this is true. I mean, the title. New beginnings are fundamental, but they can’t exist outside honest endings. Let me tell you a story about … Read more