Twitter versus Facebook

In the last 5 years, the most important digital places I spend time in are Twitter and Facebook. Surprisingly enough, they seem to be the most popular social networking sites too. Recently, I had a short morning conversation on Twitter with one of my followers about what  question these sites are answering. What is the … Read more Twitter versus Facebook

Assess Decide Do stages – Assess

ADD comes from “Assess Decide Do” and it’s a life management framework, initially described in this introductory post. As opposed to the regular productivity approaches, a life management framework focuses on a higher level integration and rejects the task checking approach as the only metric for measuring productivity performance. In ADD, each individual can have … Read more Assess Decide Do stages – Assess

May Mariner Promo Code

It’s time for our monthly promo code here, for all Mac software addicted among you (and I know you’re a lot more than I thought). Once again, I remind you that his is an exclusive promotion for readers, you won’t find these codes anywhere else on the Internet. It’s one of the way I … Read more May Mariner Promo Code

The First 6 Months Of Blogging – Tools

That’s the last post from the series The First 6 Months Of Blogging and it will be about tools I use when I blog. Every activity is enhanced by tools and blogging is no exception to this. Today’s post will be rather technical or at least strictly focused on the technical part of the whole … Read more The First 6 Months Of Blogging – Tools

April Mariner Promo Code

I already told you about a long term partnership with Mariner Software, which produces, among other software gems, my journaling and blogging application of choice, MacJournal. We’ve been talking about this since February. Well, I’m writing this only to announce you that we’re up and going for the month of April 2008. I really hope … Read more April Mariner Promo Code

February Mariner Promo Code

Last year I was able to get an unbelievable sale promotion for my blog readers. It was a very special deal with Mariner Software for all their software,  including extremely powerful software like MacJournal and Mac Gourmet DeLuxe. It’s very important to note that that was an exclusive discount for all readers. Yeah, that’s … Read more February Mariner Promo Code

Exclusive 25% Discount On Mariner Software Products For Readers

OK, this is a commercial announcement and I’ll be very open and direct: as of today, you have 25% off for any Mariner Software products until December 31st 2008 via Yes, you read it well, it’s 25% off for ALL Mariner Software products, not only the flagship product MacJournal. I’m so happy that we … Read more Exclusive 25% Discount On Mariner Software Products For Readers