TaskPaper – a lightweight task manager for Mac reviewed

When it comes to lightweight task managers, on Mac, especially, you think immediately at TaskPaper, an application provided by Hogbaysoftware. TaskPaper has a long history of reviews and good reactions. I discovered the application several months ago, when it was included in a bundle at MacHeist , and that should point from the beginning that TaskPaper … Read more

Gtdagenda.com – an online GTD application reviewed

The proliferation of web-based productivity applications – with a GTD twist, of course – seems to be the buzzword for these days. It’s less than one month since I wrote a review about 43actions.com, and today I will do the same for another application, called Gtdagenda. You can find it at gtdagenda.com, and if you … Read more

43actions.com – an online GTD system reviewed

After my previous post, about my top 13 iPhone applications, one comment draw my attention to a specific web application designed for the iPhone. I haven’t been a fan for web applications, especially for the iPhone, mainly because my web access when I’m on the go it’s a little bit erratic, but, nevertheless, I felt … Read more

My Top 13 iPhone Applications

Later update: maybe you could also be interested in another related post, about my Top 13 iPhone 3G Applications. Yes, I know, I know, we all have our little brick stuffed with technology, we waited months for it (some of us, aware of the old Newton grand-father, could say that we’ve even waited years for … Read more

Midnight Inbox 1.1 released

The guys at Mdnight Beep announced a new relase of their GTD software Midnight Inbox, labeled 1.1. I wrote several dasy ago about their teaser, and it seems they are keeping their word. From the announcement I understand that there are hundreds of bug fixes and several enhancements, like SQL backend for data, and archive … Read more

iGTD! Do you?

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve got used to my ThinkingRock gtd helper. For those of you not so into GTD stuff, ThinkingRock is a java-based organizer application that closely follows the David Allen’s Getting Things Done Methodology. I think I’m at or around six months of daily usage. My list of future items … Read more

Firefox on steroids: my 5 browser extensions for power surfing

I love Firefox. I love everything about Open Source, generally speaking, but I especially love Firefox. It’s fast, stable, standard compliant and cross-platform. I can export/import my old bookmarks from Linux into my new MacBook Pro without any hassle. I know that all the familiar websites I used to surf will look the same regardless … Read more

Mind Mapping Meister

No, it’s not a new Hollywood million dollars budget movie, it’s about mindmeister.com, a new online mind mapping service. I was one of the lucky fellows who got an invitation – and it seems I was also among the first 1000 mindmeister users too. So, what is it, actually? Well, it’s a web-based, collaborative platform … Read more