Bits And Pieces

bits and pieces

When was the last time you used a computer? Wait, you’re using a computing device right now, aren’t you? Of course you do, you’re reading something on it. Maybe in the background you have some music playing, and maybe you have some other tasks in the lingering around, like sending an email, finishing a report, … Read more

How To Start A Religion – Covid-19 Apostles and Bitcoin Maximalists

how to start a religion

In a famous discourse, a Commencement Address at Caltech in 1974, Richard Feynman mentioned a phenomenon known as “cargo cults”. During WW2, a few small island populations in the Southern Pacific witnessed an unusual situation: airplanes landed from the sky, bringing with them food, strange, magical tech and precious stuff. The cultural gap was big … Read more

Buddhism For Geeks – Path To Enlightenment Is Like Continuous Integration

continuous integration

If you’re defining yourself as a geek, then the term “continuous integration” may sound familiar to you. But for all the others, let me clarify some things. According to Wikipedia: In software engineering, continuous integration (CI) is the practice of merging all developers’ working copies to a shared mainline several times a day. The main reason for this is, as … Read more

The Power Of Intention

If you ask a teenager these days about the Law Of Attraction, chances are that you will get a decent answer. Most likely, that teenager will know at least the basic information on the topic. He may even give you an example or two about his own experience with the Law Of Attraction. And that’s … Read more