The 6 Thinking Hats Of Your Blog

So, you’re blogging, huh? Congrats, that’s one of the most enjoyable activities nowadays. But is also one of the most rapidly changing and evolving. Blogging has passed the “is that just another hype on the internet?” test and is mature enough to be considered an industrious type of activity. So, you can define attainable goals and success for those goals, like in any other economical driven activity, like computer production, book writing or food processing. It’s formal. And can be formalized.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Success

In september 2006, John Chow, a what he calls “internet media mogul”, started his blog. Now (January 18th, five months later) he is in Technorati top 1000. John is an entrepreneur, a knowledge worker, founder of The TechZone and TTZ Media Network. In his announcement he also tells something about breaking up to Technorati top 100. He’s in need for more links, so here we are, John! Good luck with your goals!

But behind this real story there’s much more: you don’t have to be afraid of your succes. Whenever you set accurate goals and you do whatever it takes to go there, you succeed.