12 Things I Learned By Being A Forex Trader

For the last 6 months, I’ve been a forex trader. I started this experience by curiosity, pretty hastily, to be honest, and ended it up abruptly (hopefully, you’ll realize why by reading this article). It was by far one of the most exhilarating, exciting, emotionally consuming and useful (in terms of lessons learned) episodes of my … Read more 12 Things I Learned By Being A Forex Trader

How To Be Successful In 51 Easy Peasy Steps

how to be successful

To be honest, I thought a lot if I should publish this blog post or not. It’s the cornerstone of my work as a blogger, entrepreneur and, generally speaking, nice fella. The problem is that we’re talking about a system so good, so polished and so effective, that it will most likely blow off your … Read more How To Be Successful In 51 Easy Peasy Steps

5 Things F.C. Barcelona Can Teach You About Success

I’m a man, so I like soccer. Don’t even try to challenge this affirmation, it’s hard wired in my genes. Just like women are born with the natural ability to give birth and nurture their children, men are born with the soccer gene in their DNA. It’s just the way it is. But I’m not … Read more 5 Things F.C. Barcelona Can Teach You About Success

Best Empowering Tools

Yeap, I know. This is a very generic title. But, if you clicked through it, you’re gonna be in for a treat. Every once in a while, I get to be involved in specific online events. Sometimes it’s about collective projects, sometimes it’s about some interesting memes and sometimes it’s about specific sales events. This … Read more Best Empowering Tools

Taming Monkeys Aftermath

It’s the first day of 2012 and I think it’s time to review my taming monkeys experiment. It all started a year ago, when I decided to ditch my new year resolutions. Instead, I replaced them with twelve monthly challenges, in which I wanted to tame an inner monkey. Very shortly, an inner monkey is … Read more Taming Monkeys Aftermath

Brilliantly Better – The Ebook

Last Friday I launched – in soft mode – my latest ebook, Brilliantly Better. During the last 48 hours anyone interested in getting it had the chance to buy it at a discounted price, 9.99 USD. As of now, the price of the ebook is at the normal level, meaning 16.99 USD. Also, a few … Read more Brilliantly Better – The Ebook

Living Off The Grid

For the last 3 years I’ve been living completely off the grid. I don’t have a regular job anymore, my income sources are completely erratic, and my personal relationships are either collapsed or very hard to understand from a traditional perspective. I travel a lot and when I work, I set up my own hours … Read more Living Off The Grid

From Competition To Connection

I used to think that my company, Mirabilis Media, (the one I created when I was 30 year old and sold it 10 years after, for quite some money), was one of my biggest achievements. Honestly, I don’t think that way anymore. It was an achievement, but I start to doubt that it was my … Read more From Competition To Connection