The Utterly Incomplete, Deeply Biased And Soon-To-Be-Outdated “Working From Coffee Shops Guide” In Valencia

It’s been already a year since I moved to Spain and many parts of my life are starting to fit together quite nicely. One of the most important parts, work, was specifically interesting during last year and in today’s post I’m going to share what went good, not so good and great about working from … Read more

How To Enjoy (Responsibly) A Mascletà


At the end of February / beginning of March, Fallas, one of the biggest festivals in Spain and the iconic event for Valencia, explodes on the streets. Like, literally, it starts with an parade in which people are walking down a boulevard while throwing incessantly petards in front of their feet, up to the point … Read more

Remote Working In Spain

remote working in spain

It’s been already a year since we moved to Spain, and I already wrote about the overall experience. In today’s article I want to focus on a specific area of the expat lifestyle, namely remote working in Spain. Spoiler: it’s better than you would expect, but with a few caveats. These caveats are turning to … Read more

The “Happy Tourist Bias” And Why This Might Be Good For You

happy tourist

Working from coffee shops has its perks. I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years now (before it was cool and even before Starbucks thought to brand their coffee shops as “the third space” – the one you use in between “home” and “work”). Sometimes it’s too noisy, of course, sometimes it’s too crowded … Read more