December 2012 Bundle

Sorry but the content here is no longer relevant. This was a time sensitive offer and it expired long ago. The only reason I’m keeping the page up is to give some relevant information to people coming here from search engines.

If you want more information, go to my blog.

Welcome to the December 2012 Bundle, a package consisting of 8 self-improvement ebooks and 2 bonuses. More than 1000 pages (yes, 1000) of personal development material, covering everything you’ve been thinking of, from motivation to productivity, and from self-publishing to journaling.

Before diving in, let’s do some numbers: the total value of the package is exactly $64.92. But you can get it for a meager $24.99, by using the promo code “decemberdragos“. If you know what you’re doing here, just click the “add to cart” button below and then type the promo code in the field called “Discount Code”. That’s all.

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But if you’re new here, let’s take it one thing at a time.


This ebook is based on one of the most visited posts on my blog, the one in which I tried to describe, as accurately as possible, my experience in becoming a self-published author. With more than 100, 200, 300 comments at the moment of writing this, with links from mashable and other big media outlets, with dozens of self-published authors mentioning this post as a starting point, it soon became obvious that I had to translate it into an ebook.

The initial article had around 4000 words, the ebook has more than 16.000 and delves into other areas not even mentioned in the post, like, for instance, how to market your ebook after you self-publish it.




Arguably the most popular ebook on my blog. Based on a post read by more than 100.000, 150.000, 250.000, 350.000, 400.000 visitors so far.

It was translated into Korean and it actually sells as a printed book on real life bookstores shelves.

More than 100 pages written in an easy to read style, with simple, actionable steps to improve your life. As in really improving your real life.



The mirror for the previous ebook. Sometimes it’s very important to know how not to screw up your life.

Many people are reacting better to inverse psychology and they discover faster their weak points if you point out exactly the not so good spots in their lives.

Also part of the Korean translation contract as the one above. Already sold in thousands of copies as a Korean ebook, now ready to hit the real life shelves too.



My very first ebook. Based on my own experience as an online entrepreneur. It’s about mindsets, not money.

It also contains a short assessment booklet and it’s one of the first implementations of my “Assess – Decide – Do” framework.

Each chapter features a short ADD sequence, followed by a Focus / Flow section, which should make things easier, if you want to apply these sentences.


Like what you see? Good. Because that’s barely half of the bundle, but you can save some time by getting the entire package right now. Just remember to add the discount code “decemberdragos” once you click the button below, that will give you a hefty discount: instead of $64.92 you will be paying only $24.99.

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Not yet ready? Read on.

The cornerstone of my productivity system. Which is based on the observation that we, as humans, are not designed only to do stuff. We’re also daydreaming, planning, getting feedback. So, we’re acting in more than one “realm”.

To be precise, we’re acting on 3 main realms, namely “Assess’, “Decide” and “Do”. Each of these realms has its own characteristics and getting smoothly from one realm to the other it’s what I usually call “being in the flow”.

Includes a complete tutorial for the corresponding iPhone / iPad app, iAdd.



From enthusiasm to exhaustion. Again, based on my 10 years experience as an online entrepreneur.

To be more precise, the ages are: enthusiasm, naivety, attention, maturity, expansion, leadership and exhaustion. In each of these ages there are “do”s and “don’t”s and there are also, of course, symptoms for each of this specific ages of a business.

Not all the businesses in the world are following this exact structure, I suppose, but all my projects did.


More than 70 of my best articles, grouped in a 500+ pages book. The best of my writing in the last 3 years.

I know that many of my readers are digging my huge list posts (hence, the success of the ebooks based on these posts). But there are also other articles that, from a different perspective, created a difference in some people lives.

I decided to group together these posts in a book, and, so far, the feedback of the readers was positive. Waiting for your feedback, still.



A little book that saved me (and others) countless hours of useless wandering. Includes my productivity map.

If you don’t know what a productivity map is, let me tell you briefly that it measures your current position based on the “size” of your goals and your current level of discipline. Depending on which of the quadrants of this map you are fitting in, you may be a producer, a follower, an obsessed individual or a plain procrastinator.

Curious, already?


As I told you: 8 personal development books, grouped together in a one of a kind bundle. That would be a good moment to make a decision. Just remember to add the discount code “decemberdragos” once you click the button below: if you do that, instead of $64.92 you will be paying only $24.99.

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But wait, that’s not all. Here are the bonuses:


33 Questions For An Interview With Yourself

Because you’re important, that’s why. And because you deserve to be interviewed. Just be aware that, as in any interviews, some of the questions are not very comfortable. But, hey, if I’d listen to the voice of those who already responded, they’re pretty damn useful.

How To Build Reputation With Your Blog

A report of more than 70 pages, detailing my own journey in establishing a voice in the blogosphere. It’s not an easy ride to make your own voice heard and some of the tricks are really surprising. Of course, it involves a lot of work, but you can safely try some of the suggestions inside.


That’s it. More than 1000 pages of self-improvement material, available only for a limited time. Just remember to add the discount code “decemberdragos” once you click the button below. $64.92 is the total value of this bundle, but you will be paying only $24.99.

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