Do You Have Good Taste?

One of the things I love about traveling is that it puts me in the position to taste a lot of different foods. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with food, I’m just enjoying life in all of its forms. And traveling while tasting a lot of new and exciting foods is one of the most fulfilling ways of enjoying life. In my opinion, at least.

I admit I wasn’t like this before. Food was one of my lowest priorities. If it was edible, affordable and quick, it was on my plate. If I look back at my younger days and see how unconsiderate I was in regard to eating, I can’t believe I’ve done a 9 and a half raw food diet last year. And enjoyed it! It’s a huge leap forward.

Eating For Living

Back in my younger days eating was just a necessity. I needed it in order to survive. So was work. And socializing. And a lot of other things. I wasn’t really enjoying life when I was younger. I was making a living, but didn’t actually enjoying it. All I did was running with the crowd, going to a job, running back home and get drunk in between. Grey in, grey out.

One of the jobs I had (and hated, at the same time) was being a journalist. Part of the job was in fact attending to a lot of press conferences, events and other social gatherings. After the initial adaptation period, I started to see a pattern: the press conference in itself, the short work period and the buffet afterwords. Every press conference had a buffet.

In a very short time I started to save money based on the press conferences I attended to. I was eating there. The first 2 phases of the event were on autopilot: the press conference and the work period in which I was actually writing my news. The part which was really appealing to me was the buffet.

Looking back to that period I realize I was exposed to an incredible variety of foods. I think I had caviar every week. And a lot of other fantastic, exquisite and rare foods. But what I really don’t remember is my joy and satisfaction. I didn’t actually enjoyed it. I was eating because it was affordable (as in free), quick and easy to put on my plate.

It’s Always There

Now, every time I try a new food, I am literally puzzled. Every new taste is making me thrill with joy, every new gastronomical encounter is actually a travel in itself. I can easily tell the difference between a good meal and chef meal. There is this subtle difference between something good and something really extraordinary. My taste buds are educated now.

And that’s the only difference. I had caviar before and didn’t enjoy it. When I have caviar now it’s like going all the way up to Japan and back. Every time I try a new fruit I feel like I’m walking on a remote beach in New Zealand. Every exotic food really transports me somewhere in Thailand. I traveled the world and I saw things. My receptors are alive now. I developed my ability to enjoy.

The fact is that good meals are always there. The extraordinary is surrounding you every second. You don’t see it only because your tastes aren’t educated enough. Your capacity of joy is limited. Your ability to be happy and grateful is not worked out. It’s like a fluffy muscle trying to lift an enormous weight. It won’t. And of course, you will blame the weight, not your fluffy muscle. The meal doesn’t taste good. Even if it’s caviar.

What Good Taste Is

Good taste has nothing to do with food. Good taste has nothing to do with talent. Good taste has nothing to do with education.

Good taste is your ability to enjoy life.

Have you noticed that in every area where you show good taste you’re actually enjoying life? You have a good taste in art, therefore you’re happy when consuming art. You have good taste in women, so you’re happy when spending quality time with gorgeous women. You’re enjoying the things you appreciate the most.

Even more, if you show good taste you will also attract appreciation from other people. You will become an authority on that topic and others will want to know your opinion. You’re the one with the good taste, right?

Whenever you think you have a boring life, think twice. Maybe is not life, but your ability to enjoy it? Maybe your taste in life has suffered a serious atrophy? Maybe you’re surrounded with beauty, wonder and magic, but you don’t see it? Maybe you’re eating caviar as we speak, but you don’t really care?

Now really: do you think you have good taste in life?

12 thoughts on “Do You Have Good Taste?”

  1. Great Job Dragos,

    I jump up and down when you write about the zest for life. That’s me inside and out. I thrive on new tastes, new experiences, new challenges, changes, all of it. No matter how long I live I still feel like a starving woman drinking in the nectar of Life. I just can’t get enough of it. I loved how you describe this, because we literally are, on a soul or spirit level drinking in Life, eating Life. I believe that when one falls passionately in love with Life, they are consumed by it and simply love it all, even the challenging times are use to grow and gather deeper insight, wisdom and patience. I’m not saying that it’s always easy , in fact it can sometimes be down right hard or scary, but I still choose to embrace Life with all my heart and soul and live it all. I may come this way only once. So…..
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Are We Eradicating Soul? =-.

  2. Well Dragos,

    I have to disagree with some of the points you are making.

    First of all I believe that “good taste” has to do a lot with education – not necessarily school – let’s call it exposure to “the new”. “Taste” is acquired, and I think that it has to do quite a bit with becoming knowledgeable in a certain area (and yes, good taste can be in regard to food, if you educate yourself in the field….. say you are a food critic, or a chef, or a “foodista”, or you just love to go and check out the good restaurants in town…. or if you love experimenting with cooking….).

    Second, I think that talent helps in developing “taste”; by talent I mean a certain predisposition, or “knack” towards the field you are learning about. For example, the more you read, the more your “taste” in literature develops, (you become more discerning with regards to what to read). At the same time, if you have talent, and you start to write, your writing will contribute to the development of your “taste” for literature.

    Can one have “good taste” in all aspects of one’s life? I’m sure it is possible, with a lot of time, a lot of exposure, an open mind, and willingness to learn and change.

    What do you think?



  3. Dragos,
    It is so important you tackle the issue of quality time. Being careful leaves you with satisfaction, appreciation, better understanding and sometimes helps you to make decisions. It is good that this time your article deals with (delicious) food. When I was a girl I used to eat very little but it always had to be “my favourite”. After years I’ve come back to this principle.
    Thank you for your article 🙂

  4. Dragos,

    I find simpler is better for me on a semi-regular basis only because I do like an occasional duck a la creole or a fillet Mignon. I think when you pick a healthy life style when you splurge you appreciate the favors more. I also like experimenting with recipes. It is amazing what healthy substitutes you can find and hey roasted herb potatoes in duck fat. Is very good and chestnut jam in yogurt. I am getting so hungry right now.

    Life is truly savoring each flavor of life every moment.
    .-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Coco Chanel: Famous Quotes =-.

  5. So many people wait for “some day, one day” to really begin to enjoy life and develop good taste.

    I have learnt that I must appreciate all the goodness and abundance around me today – otherwise what is the point of living?!

    I keep a gratitude journal where I note down all the good things I have received – and it is amazing how quickly the list builds up.

    As for caviar, being a strict vegetarian I cannot try it, but for lunch today I shall be savouring a luscious, healthy salad:-)
    .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..Why No Pain, No Gain is a Myth! =-.

  6. You’re very right when you say that good taste is your ability to enjoy life – so many people go through life denying themselves the good things. Eating the same bland food wearing the same old cloths. I feel that it is very important to always try to enjoy the finer things in life because life is to short to do so otherwise.
    .-= Faramarz – Anxious Candy´s last blog ..2 Ways To Diminish Your Anxiety and Boost Your Power. =-.

    • Yeap, that somehow slipped my mind, but it’s equally important: life is to short to NOT exert some good taste over all the good things in it 🙂

    • I agree with being important to enjoy the finer things, and beauty in general.
      But I don’t think it’s a matter of shortness of life. Else if you happen to believe in eternity, you’re doomed to the worst experience possible. 😀

      I think the point is just that: it’s a matter of quality. The perceived quality of your life is directly proportional to the perceived quality of EVERY single (and recent, for the most) instant you live.
      .-= d1d0´s last blog ..Your Standards Shape Your Life =-.

    • I like that: good taste is what your are willing to setting for. It’s the things you really are up to, or the size of your challenges which are shaping your life. And you ability to enjoy life, of course.

      Good to see you back here. 🙂


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