Don’t Be Afraid Of Success

You don’t have to be afraid of your success. Whenever you set accurate goals and you do whatever it takes to go there, you succeed.

Most of the time you don’t even get to set accurate goals. You’re just rambling from one place to another, from one mindset to another. You need to have clear goals. This might be as obvious as rain always come down from the up to the bottm, but not always doable. Becasue you set limits from yourself. Even if you set amazingly high limits, like “I want to be a millionaire in 12 months” you are still, unconsciously, limit yourself. You place this goal on a no man’s land, between reality and dreams. And of course, dreams are just dreams, they never come true. So are your goals, if you are not setting them with a clear and uninhibited mind.

That’s the most annoyng problem everybody have when it comes to achievement, generally speaking. Too often achievement is rated by the actual trend value, regardless of what was in the beginning, of the primary causes and motives that guided you there. So you are always tempted to align your goals to the momentum goals. If being a millionaire was a good thing to do several years ago, it might happen that being a 10 million dollars guy is the latest hype. Your goal was blurred. This is why is difficult to set up accurate goals.

But let’s say you established a goal that you truly believe in. It’s in resonance with your values, is doable and you are absolutely commited to achieve it. You will have to do whatever it takes to go there. Whatever it takes. If your goal have a time-frame, of let’s say, 12 months, don’t give up even in the 59-th second of the 23-th hour of 365-th day of your time frame. Do whatever it takes, because, if you do that, and still don’t realise your goal, you still have one a precious victory: you won’t feel any guilt from that. You’ve done your best. You learned a lot. You transformed yourself into a different person, more likely to achieve a lot more than before.

Most of it, you overcomed your biggest limit: your fear of succes. Next time you will start something, being a barbecue with your girlfriend or a multi-national joint-venture, your acts will be far more efficient and your sense of achievement several times higher. Because, after setting an accurate goal and doing anything in your power, you learned a fundamental lesson: how not to be afraid of success.

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