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I’ve been secretly working on an online course during the past couple of months (hence my rather scarce activity on the blog lately). As a matter of fact, I’m still working on it. I still have to upload a few lectures, and to add a few case studies, but, other than that, I’m pretty much done. It’s a course on goal setting, and it’s already available on Udemy.com. There’s a little bit of a story to be told about this course, but if you are anxious to see what’s all about, here’s the link:

Goal Setting 101

Please be aware that the link above contains a 57% off coupon, meaning that, if you sign up now, you will be getting the course at a very affordable $29, instead of the regular, $69 price.

The Story

I’ve been writing about goals, generally speaking, and how can we have more meaningful, fulfilling and attainable goals a lot. Which means I did a lot of trial and error in this area. I went from being obsessed with goals, chasing them and building my self-esteem on top of more and more goals, up to the other extreme, when I completely ditched them, and replaced them with monkeys. At some point, I realized that this experience could be packed in a more meaningful package. In the beginning I thought about a book. I already self-published 6 ebooks, so I kinda know the drill here.

But, since I do love challenges (which, I admit, can be a challenging thing in itself) I decided to take another approach. I decided to make an online course from it. With scripts, filming, video editing and all the stuff. It wasn’t easy. But it was fun. As I said, I’m still uploading content at the moment of writing of this post, but the main part of the course is already available.

I started to work on it in September (after playing around with the idea in my head for a couple of months) and then entered full speed in October. I established (and blowed) a few livelines (I hate the word deadline, that’s why I use “liveline” when it comes to meaningful milestones). But, in the end, I did it. I have lined out all the scripts, I filmed more than 80% of the material and more than 50% of the entire video content is already available. That’s the main reason I’m posting this right now: if you want to get full access to the course right now, then go on and click on the link above. After all the coupons are used, the course will be available only at $69. The coupon above gives you full access to the course for only $29.

The Course Structure

If you don’t know what’s in the course, I’m happy to give you the outline here, along with the duration of each lecture (you can also see this on udemy.com).

SECTION 1: Introduction

  • 04:46 Lecture 1: Introduction

SECTION 2: The Difference Between A Goal And A Monkey

  • 05:50 Lecture 2: The Difference Between A Goal And A Monkey

SECTION 3: How Goal Setting Works – Definitions

  • 07:08 Lecture 3: Definitions And Base Concepts

SECTION 4: How Goal Setting Works – Assess

  • 09:54 Lecture 4: Actions In Assess

SECTION 5: How Goal Setting Works – Decide

  • 11:18 Lecture 5: Actions In Decide

SECTION 6: How Goal Setting Works – Do

  • 08:06 Lecture 6: Actions In Do

SECTION 7: Putting It All Together

  • 08:51 Lecture 7: Implementing An ADD Framework

SECTION 8: How Goal Setting Works – The Quantum Element

  • 11:21 Lecture 8: The Quantum Element

SECTION 9: Goal Sharing – Is It Working?

  • upcoming Lecture 9: 5 Reasons To Share Your Goals And 1 Powerful Reason Not To

SECTION 10: The Magic Fairy Exercise

  • upcoming Lecture 10: The Magic Fairy Exercise

SECTION 11: Reaching Next Level

  • upcoming Lecture 11: Reaching Next Level

SECTION 12: The Goal Setting Burn Out Syndrome

  • upcoming Lecture 12: The Goal Setting Burn Out Syndrome

SECTION 13: Bonus 1 – What Kung Fu Panda Can Teach You About Goal Setting

  • upcoming Lecture 13: What Kungu Fu Panda – the movie – Can Teach You About Goal Setting

SECTION 14: Bonus 2 – What Inception (yes, the movie) Can Teach You About Reaching Your Goals

  • upcoming  Lecture 14: What Inception – the movie – Can Teach You


So, that’s it for now, I’ll be back as soon as I have more info (or feedback from the first students). Meanwhile, remember that you can get it for only $29, if you click here:

Goal Setting 101

By the way, there’s also a short presentation movie. Just in case you’re wondering. 🙂


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