Ebooks, Ebooks, Ebooks… and Friends

Running a mildly popular blog, like this one, has one very interesting advantage: you get to know a lot of people. Many of them are really great people, while some of them are downright wonderful to the point that you have no choice but to become friends. And every once in a while those friends of mine are doing great things, like providing fresh, original and useful content.

Today I will talk about some of the ebooks launched by my friends in the last few weeks.

David Damron’s Ebook: Simple Health and Fitness

I was a raw foodist for 9 and a half months, so I kinda know what’s going on when it comes to keep a balanced diet. To my surprise, David’s book was a refresher. Not only he talks about serious facts like nutrition in a very open and relaxed way, but he combines this approach with a focused exercising routine.

I won’t give you a summary of the book, because you’d better go out and get it for yourself if you want to take full advantage of that good advice. But I will tell you that I caught myself reading some of the chapters with my mouth open (which is a sign of intense concentration for me, in case you’re wondering). Some of the highlights of the book are: Menage A Trois: Travel, Health & Fitness, in which I got a glimpse at David’s digital nomad lifestyle, The Cost Of Living Of Unhealthy Lifestyle, pretty self-explanatory, and the very practical zones about Gear and Cost, in which you can actually evaluate how much you’ll spend (like in real money) in order to bring a little bit of health and fitness in your life.

All in all, David Damron’s book is a very good read and it’s packed with useful and interesting facts, not to mention the author personal experience in applying what he writes about. And for 9.95 USD I really think it’s a very good value for money.

One more word about David’s book: he launched an insane affiliate program for it. So, if you want to resell it while making a little bit of extra cash, you’re free to sign up. He’s giving away 75% for each sale, which is one of the biggest commissions I saw lately in the affiliate world. What you’ve been eating, David? 😉

Mike King’s Ebook: Building Better Relationships

The next ebook comes from a very special friend, Mike King, from LearnThis.ca. I’ve been knowing Mike for more than a year and he was one of my first blogging pals, so to speak. He writes about self-improvement and leadership and he does it very well. Mike was also one of my first sparring partners in writing top 100 lists, specifically the 100 Ways To Live A Better Life article, a post which changed everything for this blog. His first huge list post was 100 Ways To Be A Better Leader, go check it out.

Now, Mike launched a few weeks ago his first ebook ever and it’s about relationships. I was a bit surprised about the topic, as I knew Mike as a passionate and bold leadership writer. But then I realized that leadership is all about relationships, not about management. And his ebook proves this wonderfully.

Again, I’m not going to tell what’s inside, I’m leaving that for you to discover (which means by clicking that link, you’re going directly to Mike’s page). But I will tell you that some of the parts were really touching me, especially the chapter in which Mike advises to “Change Yourself Only“. Too often, in any relationships, efforts are geared towards changing the other one to fit our own expectations. This is simply not working. If you really want to make any relationship working for both, go change yourself only. This is by far one of the best advice in Mike’s ebook, but not even remotely the only one. All in all, a warm, lucid and at the same time productive approach to relationships.

An interesting thing about Mike’s ebook is that it comes already packaged as an audio book, a part from the regular PDF. The whole package is 22 USD (more than affordable for a full package containing both written and audio content), again, a very good value for money. Mike also has an affiliate program in place for his book, you will get 50% off of each sale.

Zeenat Merchant-Syal’ Ebook: Best Of Positive Provocations

Zeenat is a fresh presence in the self-improvement world and by that I mean she’s new – with only one year of blogging at Positive Provocations – but she’s also projecting a fresh perspective. Zeenat is also a contributor to this blog, her post about Successful Excellence being one of my all time favorites.

Zeenat writing has a very unique twist: every time I read one of her articles I feel like both my brain hemispheres are involved. She’s frequently visually marking her words by making them bold or underlined, and that makes some of her articles look like paintings. More or less…

The ebook is a free download at Positive Provocations and I recommend it for anyone who want to get a glimpse of Zeenat’s writing. And if you’re not going to subscribe after you’ll read it, than I’m sure you got the wrong ebook 😉

Anastasiya Goers’ Ebook: Balance In Me

Another new presence in the personal development blogging world is Anastasiya Goers from BalanceInMe.com. I first met her a few months ago when she published a huge list post (yeah, it seems like huge lists posts are the new black in the blogogsphere, so to speak) in which she mentioned one of my posts.

I was very surprised to discover in that post many familiar names but also some unknown (for me) bloggers. Some of them made it to my RSS readers instantly. A few days ago, Anastasiya also become one of this blog contributors, with a wonderful article on passion and business.

Her book is called “The Book Of Wisdom – 50 Ideas For The All Around Balanced Life” and it’s also a free download (yes, you should click this link like right now!). In this book you’ll find an exquisite list of articles for a lot of A-listers in the self-improvement niche (disclaimer: I also have an article in this book).

Well, that’s it for now. Be sure to check out those ebooks and spread the word. Because in the end, like the title of the article says, ebooks may come and go, but friends are here to stay 🙂

18 thoughts on “Ebooks, Ebooks, Ebooks… and Friends”

  1. Hi Dragos,

    Thanks for letting me know about these e-books.

    I just visited Anastasiya’s blog a few days ago after I believe I read a guest post that she wrote. And I have seen Zeenat’s comments a lot over at Change Your Thoughts. But I haven’t heard of David Damron and Mike King before today, so thanks for introducing me to their work.

    I really like that Mike suggests focusing on changing yourself only. Great advice!
    .-= Greg Blencoe´s last blog ..How to get your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend =-.

  2. I’ve already grabbed Zeenat’s book. She is truly a breath of fresh air. Thanks so much! Raw foods do not work for me. I find they are good for robust people but not necessarily for people with weak or sensitive digestion. Here’s to cooked veggies! Yeah!
    .-= Sandra Lee´s last blog ..Be wary of these cleaning ingredients =-.

  3. I haven’t tried a raw diet yet, but I totally agree with the idea that friends are here to stay.

    Thanks for the great suggestions!!
    .-= LisaNewton´s last blog ..Los Angeles’ Newest Historic-Cultural Monuments =-.

  4. What a small world and great community we have in blogosphere! I read about Mike King’s ebook on relationship over at Armen’s Timeless Information and he was very responsive to my comments…(I am ALL about relationships! Just this week I found my long lost childhood friends and cannot wait to pick up a friendship we left off 25 years ago but I digress!)..and I am dying to become a raw foodist, but with my husband’s interest in fine cuisine, it’s SO difficult…so I just eat tons of raw foods. THANK YOU for the great references here…I am tempted to pick one of these up and try them. Great job you guys on the eBooks and on your sharing wealth of information!

    • I know about trying to go raw and having to stick with the fine cuisine struggle 🙂 In the end, I had to acknowledge it was a great experience and use as much as I can from it, but I do eat like a regular, vegetarianish guy at the moment. As for the ebooks, glad you liked them. Didn’t forget about yours too, how’s it going?

      • Dragos, vegetarian food is awesome, isn’t it? I hardly ever miss meat but on some rare occasions, I like to indulge, and that way I never feel deprived. Usually, you’ll catch me eating raw foods and drinking my oolong tea!
        The book – paper and all – is coming along very slowly but I have put my father to work to record his stories so you can say I am in early research stages. THANK YOU for your support!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing 50 Ideas For The All Around Balanced Life eBook. Just grabbed it and I’m impressed with the quality of the content. Glad to see material like this.

  6. Hi Dragos,
    thanks for mentioning my ebook in your list (and thanks for contributing your posts to it :-))
    I am definitely interested in David’s book about health and fitness. I must say that I have an “issue” with healthy living (in a good sense of course) and I am always hungry for new great articles and books to broaden my outlook on this important part of our lives.
    Thanks for sharing this great food for thought, Dragos.
    .-= Anastasiya´s last blog ..How to Make Your Life Absolutely Awesome =-.

    • First of all, thanks again for adding my article to the book, you gave it a fabulous company. Second, yes, David’s book is really a refresher, you should try it.

  7. Oh Dragos,
    You Sweet sweet Man! How truly surprising and awesome to see my little ebook featured here 🙂 I am floored by your lovely words about my blog and my writing. WOW! Thank you thank you thank you…
    I have already grabbed my copy of Anastasiya’s ebook and I have an article in it too 🙂 The book is awesome!
    And I am so so glad to call you my friend ……Blessed is more like it 🙂
    Big Hug,

  8. I’ve eaten solely raw food for the last 2 weeks and I feel incredible. It’s a tough transition though from eating meat straight to Raw but I’m recommend it to anyone.
    .-= Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com´s last blog ..Tabata Intervals : Day 30 (Post Mortem) =-.

    • Going raw vegan “cold turkey” is a good but there will be some detox symptoms in the next 2-3 weeks, so I’d watch my mood and capacity for effort closer in the next period. After you get over it, things will dramatically improve.


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