Emptying The RAM

I spent the week-end without internet and even without opening my new shiny MacBook Pro. And it was wonderful. Not in the sense that I was runing away from problems, but in the way that I actually rested knowing that all the stuff I want to do is organized. Somehow. Somewhere accessible. In a form that I could easily digest and make a decision about it.

The GTD approach is not that somebody else should do the work for you: your new organizer, your new moleskine, your brand new laptop bundled with the latest hyped GTD software… It’s about how you feel about your work. It’s the freedom to look at your next actions and decide if you want to feel positive that you have 150 projects opened before you, or not. The freedom to always act on your projects: dump them, postpone them, negotiate them in a way that would feee your mental RAM from all the processes about what it will happen if?

Once your RAM emptied you can actually start to work. You, not your stuff.

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