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One of my readers commented the other day – in a somehow bitter and ironic way – the fact that my blog is starting to get delusional.

And that is because I started to introduce informations and posts about astrology. This is an interesting viewpoint. And in fact, is one of the things that I expected to come, sooner or later, in my blog. As I already told you, I am not blogging about the usual stuff. I do make unusual connections, and I do hunt as many crossroads that I can, because, well, that’s my nature. If somebody find this ridiculous, that’s it, I really don’t take it personally. But chances are that somebody will find this interesting too. Or at least provoking.

After many years, I found out that the only way to actually understand stuff is by experience it. It’s so easy to take out, from a giant library of ready-made comments, stuff like: astrology is a strange thing, it’s a toy for delusional people. Most of the folks are making their comments this way. Well, I don’t. If something comes to my focus, and I decide it is interesting, I start to experience it.

Because if you are not experienced anything that comes into your focus, you are just talking other guys ideas. Let’s say there is a topic that intrigues you, like astral projections, or psychic experiences, generally speaking. If you don’t take the time to experience them you will find your self propagating other peoples ideas on that topic. Take the time to experience it. It can frighten you, it can make you feel great, or it can leave you completely indifferent. But you had your personal experience, and you can talk from a real viewpoint, not from a borrowed one.

I did exactly that with astrology. For many years I had the same perception: it’s a nonsense thing. But I just started to be more and more intrigued about strange things that happened to me, like meeting over and over again the same kind of people, or having more and more the same kind of reactions to stuff. And this was not easily explained, or totally explained, by psychology or common sense. I did tried to explain things by psychology and common sense, and, to some degree, it went well. But there was more, and then I started to be interested about astrology.

So, I started to practice it intensively for 2 years and I learned a lot. I am not a professional astrologer, nor do I have the intention of becoming one, although I have the necessary studies and experience for that. I just had my share of good stuff out of it. I can understand now why strange things happens to some people sometimes, and I also can understand why strange things happen to me sometimes.

Is it ALL because of astrology? Of course NOT! Everything that it happens to you is entirely your own choice. You are the only one that let things happens to you. You are the only one who selects your data input, so to say, and let only what you want form the whole universe to touch you. And experience with it. But if you have more “filters” for your data, you can find more about yourself. You can understand more about your choices. You have more options for your life.

There are a lot of “filters” out there: common sense, education, science, religion, magic, astrology, philosophy and so on. Not all of them are working for everybody. It just happened that astrology is one of the “filters” that worked for me.

I did the same with Linux. I used it for more than 8 years, and started this in a period when all the people considered me a strange camel. “What’s the fuss with that Linux? It will go down in 2 years! Go and install some Windows SQL Server and do your job!”. Well, Linux become a success, and it served my business really well. Oh, and I did the same with Be OS. Was a big fan. Which did not prevented Be OS to be a big failure. But at least I experienced myself, and had my own opinions and ideas about it.

I did the same with personal relations. When I felt strange attractions for some people, I followed them. Some of them were interesting, some of there were inconclusive, and some of them were just plain bad. But I experienced them as much as I could. And get out hurt sometimes, really bad. But far more richer than at the beginning.

And, of course, I did the same with business. It’s so easy to stay apart and talk about starting a business. And how difficult that can be. But I took the risk of starting one and I learned a lot from it. I did it for more than 8 years, which accounts for more than 3000 days. 3000 days in which I had financial, management, technical and inter-personal tasks, and followed each of it. After some time, it succeeded. But if I would only talked about it, I would never succeed.

If I couldn’t experience everything I felt an attraction to it, I would lived somebody else’s life. Which is comfortable, most of the time, because you don’t have to take risks, or responsibilities.

But it gets also extremely boring after some point.

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