Financial Resilience In 3 Words

So, you want to know the secret to financial resilience? Are you brave enough to engage in this little known, but highly effective formula? Are you ready for this 3 words secret that was never revealed on the internet (and outside of it)?

Are you sure you have what it takes?

Ok. Here we go.

Make. Yourself. Useful.

That’s it. That’s the whole “formula”. That’s the magic trick that will help you survive for ever and ever, no matter how hard the world economy crashes, how deep the recession goes, or how twisted is the next “pandemic”.

All you have to do is to be useful to someone.

Of course I was sarcastic, and there is no “effective formula”, no magic trick, but I did it on purpose. Way too many people are looking for shortcuts these days. For easy ways to make money.

Money making is never easy.

Once you understand that money is just a collective hallucination, deeply interlinked with human interactions, trust and predictability, you understand that is never “easy” to make money.

But the really confusing part is that it isn’t hard either.

It’s all just a question of being useful to someone that is willing to give away some of this made up thing called “money”, in exchange for a predictable, valuable interaction with you. It may be a job. It may be a service. It may be a startup that solves a real problem, for real people, which are willing to give you made up money if you really solve it.

It all boils down to developing new skills, staying aware and be ready to interact. Money doesn’t exist outside interaction. One may argue that if you invest, you’re not interacting, but it’s just a masked interaction, it’s a delegation which also craves predictability. And it’s true that investing is a nicer, more comfortable form of financial resilience. Just be aware that even in this case you are making yourself useful to those needing your money. By giving them your money, in exchange for a part of the profit.

So, how many people did you help today? How many people live a better life just because you interacted with them? How many problems did you solve?

If none of the questions above are getting an answer, then you need to get back to work.

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