No fire can burn without air blown into it. The flame must consume oxygen in order to exist.

So every time I’m getting burned by something I do, or something others are doing or saying to me, I’m always questioning who’s blowing the air into that flame. If it’s me, I stop blowing. And every time I stop blowing into my own flame (like ignoring, letting go, accepting and move on) the flame goes away.

But every once in a while, it happens that somebody else is blowing into a fire which is directed to me. Most of the time, they blow from a hidden place. I don’t know why this happens, but it does. And I don’t think I’m the only one experiencing this, I’m sure everybody went through it at least once in their lifetime.

When this happens, when somebody else, from the secrecy of a hidden identity is starting to blow air into some fire against me, I get very, very patient. And wait for the blower to get out of air. 😉

4 thoughts on “Flames”

  1. Interesting analogy. When I get frustrated or feel a “fire” burning inside of me, it is sometimes a combination of my own air blowing and that of someone else. If someone else expresses themselves negatively toward me and I let that bother me, then it ends up being two sources of air making me feel bad. So if I just eliminate my need to react to the other person, then the problem is solved. Thanks Dragos.

  2. This is a great analogy. This deals with personal relationships. You have to determine who is stirring the pot that’s causing the fire to spread. Then you have to properly put it out with some cool water!

  3. Great points Dragos!
    We should be more conscious about our actions, sometimes that will blow us when we do it in a wrong way. As what the saying goes..”when there’s smoke, there’s a fire”. If we don’t want people will be talking about us, we should not give them the reasons why they should.
    I hope i have a point.

  4. As usual great post. The requirement for sensing the wind is self awareness. Always found it important to make sure from where the wind blows…


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