Follow The Signs

There are situations in life when the normal flow of events is obfuscated. There are situations when you feel you have to do one thing, but the circumstances are against you. You simply cannot do what you wanted to do, or you might be caught in a sequence of situations that you cannot control. You are out of track.

What do you do in these cases? How can you escape from a glitch in the matrix?

First of all, from my experience, there are no glitches in the matrix. There are only difficult situations, which, once solved, give you great rewards. They might be using some camouflage, they might be dressed like “impossible dead ends”, but in their absolute core they are only levels that you have to pass on the game you already play.

And second, if you still feel that you are trapped in a closed situation, keep in mind that there is at least one way of getting out of there. And that way is spotted by signs. Yes, you got it: signs, little events or situations or words that are popping in front of you without any reason, indicating some course to be followed, or inspiring some strange ideas.

Signs are everywhere, in the gesture of an unknown person, in some sentence you heard on the radio, a commercial that sounded familiar, or just a coincidence. The reality is using signs the same way a game is using some clues to give you advantages. It would be rather boring to know every second what way we should head, so I guess we have to make some effort from time to time to decipher the little puzzles reality is creating for us.

Signs are more likely to appear when you have reached a certain degree of pessimism, or when you’ve been caught in the same living pattern for a long period of time. They manifest with much more power when you have delayed something for too long.

I’ll give you one example. I stopped writing for this blog in August 2007, because I had other projects that I had to finish. But at the beginning of April 2008 I received an email from TLA (Text Link Ads) in which they announced me that my blog was finally accepted in their network. I filed for TLA more than a year ago. I thought this was really funny, but I reinstalled the blog anyway and changed its theme. Several days later, I received another email, from Chitika this time, in which they also announced me that they had some new product that will help me make money. From this blog, of course. And that was the moment I realized a very simple thing: I had to start writing again.

Give to the signs that are showing to you the proper credit. Coincidences are just a resignation of the brain in front of the unparalleled power of the Universe. When your brain can’t explain a specific manifestation of the Universe, it uses the concept called “coincidence”.

So, when you spot your signs, just follow them. There are really no coincidences, just facts.