Friday Evening, A Week Before Christmas

The city is slowly preparing for holidays. It’s not too crowded, but not deserted as it was last year. Just normal, I guess.

The Christmas lights are flooding the central neighborhoods, creating small, intricate spirals of flashes, fading as the streets are entering less touristy areas. Scattered groups of young people are gathering in front of the shops, singing carols.

My favorite buskers are still at their regular spots, trying to milk the last week before Christmas, because after that, nobody will be on the streets anymore. They too, seem a bit tired. But they still know how to sing.

It feels like everybody is preparing to leave for the holidays, even the ones that are going to remain in the city. There’s a clear vibe of “I’m done with this shit, I just don’t want it anymore”.

Can’t describe the “shit”, but I sense it’s related to living in fear, disconnected, rejected. People seem to try very hard – in silence, though – to part ways with this. I don’t know how many will succeed. There’s one thing to want something, and a very different one to actually do something for that.

But the fatigue, is obvious. It’s almost like a fog floating above the streets, still pushing down on the silhouettes trying to force a few smiles in front of the flashing Christmas stars.

I never experienced a continental drift. Like, you know, the moment when Africa and South America parted ways. I bet it was quite a spectacle.

But I do get to experience these times, and I think the shift is comparable to that. After the last two years, the world is fractured. There is a clear rift, not between two continents, but between two ways of living. One of compliance, fear and victimization. And the other one based on personal sovereignty, courage and responsibility. These two mindsets are the main drivers of the world now. They are still mixed together in various geographical areas, so that’s why we’re still seeing protests and conflicts on the streets. But the physical separation started too. There are places where life is starting to unfold differently. It may not be obvious, but it’s happening.

That’s why I meant when I said “everybody is preparing to leave for the holidays, even the ones that are going to remain in the city”. Eventually, these two mindsets will be balanced, each in its own physical territory, separated by a new Berlin wall.

Chose your side now, there’s still time.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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