Friday Is For Films: Lion, with Dev Patel

I first saw Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire and buy, was I impressed! Then I saw him in Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and I was hooked.

But Lion, well, that’s a different story. First of all, the movie is based on real events, and second, those real events are a harsh reality in India. The movie plot revolves around a child who gets lost and his attempts to reconnect with his family. I am not going to spoil it for you, because I really think you should see it.

Movies based on real life stories usually have some sort of artificial fabric in them, like they want to look too real. Not this one. You can’t even tell is just an actual story until the end. The pace is well measured, the atmosphere is brutally realistic, dialogues are just how they has to be. And don’t forget the amazing performance of Nicole Kidman, as the adoptive mother of Dev Patel.

And one of the biggest surprises of the movie is not Dev Patel, but the small kid who plays for the first third of the movie. I have yet to see a similar acting performance at such a fragile age. I don’t think the kid is more than 4 years old and yet, his play is nothing short of magic.

If you’re short on tissues, just go buy a box before the movie, because you’re gonna need them. Just be warned. I have yet to met someone who didn’t cry at this movie.

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