Happy birthday, Diana!

Today is my wife’s birthday. We’re both Scorpio so our birthdays are really close. I write this without really planning – one of the things Diana taught me being to enjoy life without too much planning. But that’s not the only thing that she taught me. There are plenty of other things she taught me and for which I am grateful. I am grateful to Diana because

  • she takes me for who I am
  • she gave me the beautiful gift in the world: our daughter
  • she is beautiful
  • she is sometimes moody
  • she understands when I’m sometimes moody
  • she has green eyes
  • she is the most playful person I ever met
  • she thinks in unusual ways, although so similar to my ways
  • she is somebody I can trust
  • she is telling the truth
  • she makes me telling the truth
  • she smiles more than any other person I know
  • she knows how to make – and keep – new friends
  • she know how to accept my failures and acknowledge my successes
  • she taught me traveling is the most interesting way to enjoy life
  • she never worries, except when she does 😉
  • she is a free person
  • she made me a free person
  • she have unusual subtle intuitions
  • she made me trust my intuition
  • she made thousands of little beautiful things that I don’t remember now – the same way you don’t really remember putting together every brick of your new home, but you’re always surrounded by those bricks, which of course, are your new home now 🙂

For all those little beautiful things I am grateful to Diana. But I don’t love her because of that. I just love her.

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