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I’m getting out of the comfort zone. Again.

As of January 1st 2016, there will be a paid section in blog. The access will be subscription based and, although there will be a few differences from what you usually expect from a membership, you can safely call this section a “membership”. But if you want to call it “premium content”, you’ll be also right.

What’s In The Bundle

I’ll uncover the reasons for this new section in the next paragraph, but, before that, as I already sensed your impatience, here’s what’s in the bundle:

  • ALL paid content already available will be included for FREE to all subscribers (commercial audio files, ebooks or videos)
  • paid courses available elsewhere (like Goal Setting 101 – $49 value) will be available for FREE to all subscribers
  • 4 premium articles per month, available only to subscribers
  • premium video content available only to subscribers
  • “100 Days To Live A Better Life” course (including video and written support, $499 value), starting January 1st 2016, available only to subscribers
  • 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription packages

This is how the premium content area looked after the first round of discussions around this project, meaning after the first brainstorming I had with a very closed circle of readers.

After I had this sketched, I reached out to my email list and asked from their feedback as well. Here are the next things included in the bundle, based on this second round of feedback:

  • a separate area on the blog for mastermind sessions
  • a 20-30 minutes / month live webinar for subscribers, in which I will respond to as many questions as I can
  • a “book of the month” section, in which I will discuss my opinion on one specific book (maybe the book will be suggested by readers and maybe the section will be included in the live webinar, we’ll see)

3 Types Of Blog Readers

Now, let’s get back to the reasons: why would I create such a section in my blog? Well, in short, because there is a need for it.

There are – at least – 3 types of blog readers on

1. “Listicle” Fans

Those are the readers coming here after googling something like “ways to live a better life”, or “how to get rid of frustration”. They’re landing on one of the listicles here (there are quite a lot of listicles, I agree, maybe more than 20), they get what they need from that article, and then they live.

Listicles can quench the thirst for something quick and easy, you know. That’s why they’re so popular, by the way. In an ADHD era, with attention spans narrowing day after day, listicles can provide some real quick and effective relief to some mild anxiety. Or give some boost if you’re bored. Or instill some motivation.

If I’d make an estimate (based on a few metrics, like total traffic on the listicles compared with the rest of the blog, total time spent on an article, etc), I think the listicle fans are around 50% of the total readers.

2. “Crisis” Readers

These are the readers coming here on a much worse state than the first ones. These are people who are suffering something: maybe they lost their jobs, maybe they’re in a painful breakup, maybe they’re experiencing depression.

They are reading more in depth articles, and usually they read more than one. These are the readers who are usually reaching out directly to me, via email or social media. Or they leave a comment on that specific post that they found useful.

Most of the time, after they found what was needed for the crisis to deflate, these readers are leaving as well. It’s like they used the articles as a painkiller. After the pain eases a bit, they hit the road.

My estimation about how many readers are “crisis readers” is that they’re maybe between 5 and 10%.

3. Silent “Tribe” Members

And finally, the third big category of readers is what I call “silent tribe members”. These are most likely subscribers to my newsletters and they are following my blog for at least one year. Or more.

They may be converted from the two categories above: they found my blog while searching for listicles – or more targeted advice –  and, instead of leaving, they decided to stick around for a while.

The key term here is not as much “silent”, as it is “tribe”.

They come here because they feel some sort of belonging, not necessarily to my brand as an individual, but to the general outlook that I have in life. They feel we have similar ways of thinking or doing stuff. They’re part of a “tribe”.

Based on the same metrics as above, I estimate the number of the readers falling into this category to be somewhere between 1 and 3 percent.

Well, the premium content area is for those guys :).

Help Me Help You

Now, if you feel you’re one of those silent tribe members, I have a request for you: in order to make our tribe nicer, more useful and effective, I need your feedback.

Please let me know in the comments below – or by sending an email at – what type of content do you want included in this product. Or what type of feature do you want in it.

Each and everyone of you who will help me help you by sending feedback will get a voucher that will lower the subscription price at under $10/month (voucher valid for a very short amount of time).

Thank you!

And let the feedback avalanche begin 🙂

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