How To Create A Personal Brand: Offline and Online Techniques

That’s the exact title of my one hour segment in the Authority Supper Summit. Oh, what’s the Authority Supper Summit, you asked? Good question. As a matter of fact, I thought about the same question a few weeks ago when two guys sent me an email, asking me if I’d want to know more about this thing.

After we exchanged a few emails, I realized I may be witnessing some of the most exciting things on the Internet lately. So, these guys, Josh Denning and Tom Morkes, want to create the longest live event in history. The event will be hosted by them, interviewing thought leaders and influencers on a very interesting topic: how do you grow your personal brand and become an authority? Cool, right? The event is supposed to start on March 22nd (save the date, folks) and last until at least March 25th. It will be a non-stop streaming event. I wonder when Tom and Josh will sleep, but that’s not my business 🙂 .

So, they lined up more than 100 people (yes, the number is correct, more than 100 people) that they will interview for various amounts of time, ranging from half an hour to one hour. Each person has a trackable record of their expertise and you can see their credentials on the registration page.

Speaking of the registration page, it’s very, very important to note that the event will be free to watch. Free, as in free beer, No fees. If, at some point, you will want to have access to the recordings, you will have to pay. If you’re interested about that, just leave me a comment and I’ll get more details about that (the introductory price will be only $97, but that’s not gonna last more).

So, to make a long story short, if you want to do some binge watching on how to become an authority in your field, by picking the brains of more than 100 experts on this area, just save the dates and register here (just to be sure: you don’t have to pay anything to watch).

From A Starbucks In Bucharest to A Skyscraper in Bangkok

Back to my email exchange with Josh and Tom. Due to some time constraints, we decided that my presence on this summit (yes, I’m gonna be speaking at this summit as well) should be pre-recorded. We set up a time, synced out calendars and waited.

The first date we set proved to be wrong. Exactly at that hour I had to be at an event to receive some honorary price for the activity of Connect Hub. So we rescheduled for the next day.

The next day was what I call my “circle day”. In short, the “circle day” is a day off from my daily operational activities at the hub. It’s more than that, but for the moment let’s stay with this definition (if you want to know more about a “circle day”, leave a comment and I’ll try to blog about it soon). So, here I am, in a Starbucks (yes, I’m still a digital nomad, I still love working from Starbuckses) waiting for the call.

The call came and I finally got to meet Josh. To my surprise, he was calling from an office in Bangkok. That’s where his business is based, for the time being.

And here we were, talking to each other over Skype, from a Starbucks in Bucharest, to a Skyscraper in Bangkok.

I hate spoilers just as much as you do, so I won’t tell you anything about our conversation. I’ll urge you to watch it, though, at the Authority Super Summit, because it’s a full one hour of talking about:

  • how I created a coworking brand by working from a Starbucks
  • how I got selected 4 years in a row in the top 100 self-improvement bloggers hall of fame
  • how I mixed offline and online techniques in order to position myself like an authority

With that being said, I’m giving you the registration link one more time, to save you from some unnecessary scrolling (I know how annoying it can get, to scroll back to that link that you want to click right now 🙂 )

Authority Super Summit

See you online 🙂

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