How To Get Successful Astrological Readings

Although I practice astrology myself I sometimes find the need for a external advice or guidance. I know my chart by heart and still I can find useful and fresh chart interpretations from another professional astrologer, or even from a friend who’s practicing astrology.

Recently I had one of those insightful readings from a professional astrologer and I realized most of the people searching for astrological advice don’t get the full package when having astrological readings. Maybe it’s time for me to share some thoughts on this matter. Oh, and if you’re in the “I don’t give even two recession cents on this astrology nonsense” league, I recommend you to start by understanding astrology. And if it’s still doesn’t ring any bell to you, that’s highly ok, feel free to skip this post.

Important: this post will not teach you how to chose your astrologer, instead it will focus on how to work with it. We will assume that you already have / know / work with an established astrologer.

Why Would You Have An Astrological Reading

Let’s start with the reasons. Why you would need astrological advice? As a rule of thumb, you will turn to alternative answers when everything else fails. The vast majority of people are asking for astrological advice only when their life path is a complete mess. They chose astrology as a final resort and this is why the answers they receive are largely negative. When you spend all your time wasting your resources on a wrong path, the simple fact that you have to acknowledge that – and an astrological reading will shed a powerful light on this – will upset you.

It would be so much simpler to just include this way of getting answers for your questions in your current bag of life tools. Astrology is just a symbolic way of seeing reality and it should be treated like this. Is just a way of understanding the world in an alternative way, that’s all. And using it at the same level with your other, more earthy approaches, would just give you a balanced view of your life. You don’t have to believe it first hand, but it would be so interesting and challenging to take it into account.

So, try to integrate it as a secondary tool for all your decision making processes. I always try to raise a chart of some important moments in my life or at least to know where exaclty the planets are at that specific moment. I get a lot of information about the poential of that moment, and several times I even switched decisions based on some unfriendly astrological contexts. And it turned out I was right. Also, in some cases I ignored the astrological warnings and I had to face the consequences.

Astrological Reading Timings

It’s easy to fall into the other part of the bridge and start to abuse astrology. When you ask too much from it, or when each and every moment of your life is astrologically analyzed, you are abusing it. Remember that you are only seeing a symbolic model of the reality, you won’t get solutions from astrology. You are the only one who can create solutions, astrology will only show you the context, it won’t act for you.

So, my advice would be to check you natal chart every six months, if possible. You can even do it once a year, but more often than every six months will be a lot. If you are a beginner and you don’t know yet your natal chart is possible to have natal chart readings more often, until you get familiar with it. But once you are familiar with your chart, is better to keep you natal chart readings – including transits – no more than twice a year. That way you won’t become obsessed with it, and still have enough distance to capture important changes.

If it’s a relationship that you want to see in a new, astrological light, is better to do it when it occurs. The very moment you need more insight about a relationship try to obtain a synastry from an astrologer and see what is about. Having relationships analyzed early is important. We often forget that our relationships can have a life of their own, independent from our life, and they can lead us in strange or unpredictable situations. The sooner you know the potential of a relationship, the better.

And if it’s about an event, try to obtain an astrological analyze at least a week in advance. Suppose you have to sign up an important contract, or to attend to a conference, or to make an important acquisition: try to obtain in advance some information about the astrological context involved. I did this for at least two important events in my life and it was unbelievably helpful.

The first event was about buying our house, and the second was about making the exit from my company. Both situations were pretty heavily worked and deeply analyzed before, but knowing the astrological context gave me the insight on how and when to manage them. In fact there was only a small opportunity window for each event, several days in which everything had the biggest potential for success and I did my best to sign the papers on exact those balanced days. I even postponed the exit with several days because of a retrograde Mercury. And I was right.

Remote vs Live Astrological Readings

You can have a remote astrological reading as well as a live meeting. I did both and I had good results with both. But there are situations in which you need more personal touch or interactivity. You can give the raw data to an astrologer and ask for a reading via email, that’s ok. If the astrologer is a good professional he’ll deliver a good reading, in the form of a report, or a text document. If the reason for that reading has a moderate importance you can go with that. But if the importance is more than moderate, you will need a person to person meeting.

I always recommend a live reading for an important astrological moment. In a live reading you can interact with the other person. Some times there will be need for more details than he initial raw data provided and being face to face makes this a lot easier. Some times you can have a deeper understanding by asking specific questions, which will be a little more difficult in an email conversation, which is usually much slower than a face to face meeting.

The rule of thumb here is: if it’s important, see somebody, if it’s just a curiosity or the facts are not so important, you can do a remote reading. Or you can even consult a ready made reading for that specific planetary position. There are a good deal of astrology sites which are providing ready made readings, and, despite their obvious lack of customization, those readings can still be used. Some error corrections must be applied though, and one should be more cautious with those readings, of course.

Expected Duration Of An Astrological Reading

If you chose a live meeting with an astrologer you should be very aware of your time. You should establish from the beginning the duration of the meeting. In most of the cases, astrologers are trying to bill by the hour, but that doesn’t automatically means that a reading should have only one hour. A decent duration will be around two hours.

From my experience, the first hour of a meeting is only an ice breaker. And that is for meetings with people in the same field of activity. But keep in mind that should expect some new terms that needs good explanations and also some new concepts that you should understand very fast. A good astrologer will try to always “translate” from the astrological jargon to a normal language, but not all of them succeed.

Having a meeting longer than 2 hours is a little bit difficult. It’s hard to maintain a decent level of focus for more than one or two hours in a row, so pushing it over two hours will be just wasting time.

Astrological Readings Delivery

I highly encourage you to get a written form of your astrological reading. Some astrologers are recording their sessions and give the recorded audio to the client as a CD-ROM. Others are giving a rough report and most of the conversation is lost. Some astrologers don’t give any form of written content from their readings, which I found a little bit unprofessional.

Whatever is the physical form of your astrological reading, I highly encourage you to be proactive about it. Take a moleskine with you and a pen. Jot down whatever you find interesting. Jot down expressions or words you don’t understand. You can search them on the internet later. Write down even impressions about the room or the astrologer, you’ll find them useful later.

Correctly identify the readings in time. This is very important. If you’re going to have astrological readings several times per year it’s important to file them in some order. Keep a file of your reports and clearly state the date on each file. I have a folder on my computer where I keep all the astrological readings I had and I browse that folder several times per year. It’s easier to see new connections or to understand things a little bit obscured if you stay organized.

Well, that’s it for today, thanks for reading. Do you have any other tips on how to get successful astrological readings? Share them in the comments!

4 thoughts on “How To Get Successful Astrological Readings”

  1. @Daniel that’s already a huge step forward, using astrology as a validation tool for your intuitions.

    @Mihai thanks, I don’t get likes too often from you, so this article must be a really good one 🙂

  2. Dragos,
    You gave us here a fine article with facts of the astrology, I think I like it because I prefer the scientific approach compared to a mystic one.

  3. Dragos —

    Interesting commentary. I didn’t get this far into Astrology myself — I started learning about it and gave up when I started trying to understand Trines, Squares, etc.

    The science fiction writer Robert Heinlein actually suggested that Astrology was a method to actually get in touch with your own intuition. I could see that with this and a number of other methods — Numerology, I Ching, Tarot, etc.

    I’ve known of people who swear by astrology, and people who dismiss it. If I had to venture an opinion, I would probably lean toward using it as a validation of my intuitions.


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