How To Self Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore – the PDF Version

As of today, the Kindle exclusivity – required by the enrollment in the Kindle Select program – is over. Which means that the book “How To Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore” is available as a PDF download too.

[Later update: it was just approved as an iBook too in iBookStore]

For those of you unaware, this ebook emerged from a blog post. A very popular one, with more than 350 comments (at the moment of writing this). As a matter of fact, many of my ebooks emerged from popular blog post, like “100 Ways To Live A Better Life” or “Natural Productivity – Assess, Decide, Do”. I call this method “crowd testing”. If the information contained by a blog post is viral, then I can simply infer that this information is, somehow, useful. If a few other requirements are fulfilled, than I can create an ebook that will actually sell, based on that blog post.

But I won’t go through the entire process of how I create ebooks (7 of them, so far, with 2 translated in Korean, for instance). And there are 2 reasons for that: first, because it will take more than a usual blog post, and second, because I already described the process in greater detail right in the ebook I’m talking about.

Now, suppose you already read the initial blog post and came back here. What could I possibly add to what’s in that blog post? Well, for starters, the entire content has been revamped and a lot of new content has been added. So, if you’re looking only for a guide on how to self-publish, then you’ll be surprised. As an author myself I know a lot of stuff about what it takes not only to go through the technical ordeal of having your book printed, but also what it takes to maintain the discipline to write it and the patience to promote it properly. There are a few chapters about that too in the ebook.

Just so you know, the original blog post is around 4.000 words, whereas the ebook is 16.000 words.

Well, that’s it. Go ahead, get the book as a PDF or as an iBook for your iPhone or iPad and start publishing your work.