Hypnosis for Better Performance

This is a guest post by Harrish Sairaman.

The mind controls everything a person does – the way that he/she thinks, feels, moves and reacts is governed by what goes on in the mind. Because of this, improving one’s mind is a key aspect in enhancing performance. Hypnosis is such a tool that helps condition the mind so that it will work at its best and produce desired outcomes.

There are a lot of studies that confirm the connectedness of the mind and body. As an example, placebos are known to work similarly to drugs even if they are composed of ordinary ingredients. Mentally practising actions results to electrical activity in the muscles even if the person remains still, and it helps the person to perform better in a game.

There are even cases where people have achieved the impossible because they believed it can be done – like a weightlifter who broke the world record because the weights he lifted are labelled with a lower weight than he imagined. Disaster survivors have remained alive because they held on to an idea that motivated their actions.

Whether people know about it or not, the mind has a great influence over what they do. Those who know about this, however, have an advantage of consciously affecting their own mind in order to control their performance.

Hypnotherapy, as it is known today, was brought about by Franz Mesmer during the 18th century. Although he was accused of being a quack doctor, his ideas were picked up by other brilliant people like John Elliotson and James Esdaille – these two were able to do surgical procedures without using anaesthesia. James Braid, considered as the father of hypnosis, was the one who officially called it as such. As a physician, he has cured several patients using hypnotic techniques. Their work was continued by other intellectual giants such as Pierre Janet, Sigmund Freud, Emile Coue, Milton Erickson, Dave Elman, and more.

Since then, Hypnosis has found many applications not only in medicine but in different aspects of life as well. Athletes turn to hypnotherapy to be better at their game. Salespeople use it to sell more. Leaders use hypnosis to manage their own thoughts and to persuade those they are leading. Counsellors give clients hypnotic suggestions so they can overcome their problems more easily.

What is hypnosis, then? It is simply a state where a person’s mind is receptive to commands. There is nothing unusual about this condition; in fact, people experience it whenever they are deeply relaxed. It occurs right before sleeping and during the few moments after waking up, when the mind is not active with anything just yet.

What makes this state effective for generating better performance, then? During non-hypnosis states, the mind resists commands and prefers to work with whatever it is used to. This means that if a person believes that he could not do something well, he will tend to behave according to this belief. On the contrary, when the mind is relaxed, it will not hold on to unhelpful thought processes, and it will be more willing to accept new ideas.

Hypnosis for better performance involves putting the client in hypnosis and giving suggestions that are tailored to his needs. These suggestions are discussed by the hypnotherapist and the client beforehand. The client has full awareness of what will transpire during the session and he can stop it whenever he likes.

In conclusion, hypnotherapy is a safe, well-researched, and versatile way to improve performance in sports or any other endeavour. With all the miracles that Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can create, If you want to perform better in something, consider hypnotherapy to achieve it.

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