iAdd Lite Available On The App Store

As of today, iAdd Lite, the free version of my productivity iPhone / iPad app, iAdd, is available worldwide in the AppStore. Here’s a quick iTunes link for the impatient:

iAdd Lite

iAdd Lite has all the features of the regular iAdd, including syncing with Dropbox. The only limitation is that you can have a maximum of 5 items in each realm. For instance, in Assess you can have, at any given time, a maximum of 5 tasks, 5 projects, 5 ideas and 5 events. Items which are containing items, like ideas or projects, are following the same pattern: they can have a maximum of 5 subtasks / details. Also, Collections can hold maximum 5 items (regardless of their type, being them tasks, projects, ideas or events) per single collection.

Managing Rejection

There is a very interesting situation related to this version of iAdd. I don’t know why, but this took way longer to be approved than any other versions I had so far. First of all, it seems that I got some pretty nasty reviewers because they rejected my app based on some ultra-orthodox user guide principles. Which, to my surprise, weren’t applied to the regular version. I guess it’s just luck. Or bad luck.

Also, I did have a number of crahses, some of them incredibly hard to spot, and very time consuming. So, to make a long story short, iAdd Lite was rejected 4 times before making it to the AppStore. The first submission was on November 9th 2010 (just one day before my birthday) but the app is live only now, on January 11th.

Being rejected is not a nice feeling. Having your app rejected is an order of magnitude lighter than in person rejection, but it’s still frustrating. It’s irritating to look in your inbox and see the infamous subject line coming from Apple: “Feedback regarding your application”. Usually, the expected subject line is: “Your application has changed state” and nothing else. Which means the app is processed for the AppStore.

But there is a very positive outcome of this rejection situation. The app is far more polished than it was initially. It was more thoroughly tested and it does contain fewer bugs than before. I dare saying that it contains fewer bugs than the commercial version of iAdd (but that will change pretty fast, as I have already ironed a bunch of them).

Now, if you just want to take the “Assess – Decide – Do” framework for a test-drive, you can go to iAdd Lite official page, where you will also find some additional resources. And remember, if you like it, you can buy the commercial version at any time, just with a touch of your finger. 😉

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