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Hello and welcome to the iAdd support page. iAdd is a productivity app available for iPhone / iPad. It was coded in 30 days (more or less) by yours truly. iAdd implements the Assess – Decide – Do productivity framework, an approach which aims to bring back in the game the most ignored realms by all productivity gurus: Assess and Decide.

If you have any comments regarding this app, bug reports or feature requests, send an email at dragosroua at gmail dot com..

Thanks for using iAdd.

1 thought on “iAdd Support Page”

  1. Hi, Its seems you can only type a very limited amount of text associated with any entry, even though you may have a open white screen which would normally be capable of typing a whole screen of text.

    Are there setting in the program to increase the text field length?

    or is the program just for heading of tasks and projects etc and does not include a note facility or the ability to attach a document of one sort or another to a tas.




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