iGTD! Do you?

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve got used to my ThinkingRock gtd helper. For those of you not so into GTD stuff, ThinkingRock is a java-based organizer application that closely follows the David Allen’s Getting Things Done Methodology. I think I’m at or around six months of daily usage. My list of future items and information items – the ThinkingRock way of calling “Someday/Maybe” items – has reached a point where it is almost usable. It’s a part of my recent history, of my intentions, goals, ideas and sketches that crossed my mind in the last half of year.

It’s so interesting to go through this in my daily or weekly reviews. I get a lot of fresh insights from myself. One of those insights was related to a blog post I saw several days ago at the TUAW guys. Didn’t had the time to read and marked it as a “future item”. And in one of my reviews, I decided to go over it. It was about “yet another GTD application”, called iGTD. I remembered I saw the name sometime at the end of last year in some forums, and I think it was a post about “how would you like to use an application called iGTD?”. Out of curiosity, I visited the page, and ops!

Yes, that’s the word, ups! It was so interesting that I haven’t even tried to make the connection with what I remembered, so at this point I really don’t know if this iGTD is the same application with the one that got shaped last year in those forums, but I don’t really care either.

iGTD is a full Cocoa application and is one of the best pieces of organizing – and GTD compliant – software I saw so far. It’s not bloated, nor shiny, nor simple or mean and lean. It just do the trick of boosting yourself and it’s also discrete enough to not get in your way of actually doing stuff.

I will write a full review next week, but until then, here’s a little sneak peak of what iGTD knows:

  • syncing with iCal (and in the last version recursivity for tasks)
  • Quicksilver and iBackup powerful integration (with it’s own plugin)
  • Mac OS menubar integration
  • AddressBook integration: search contacts from within iGTD with autocompletion
  • configurable autosaving of data
  • url’s integration into projects
  • context, projects, “someday/maybe” and “waiting for” functionality
  • task searching by keyword
  • a plethora of keyboards strokes that makes your processing activity much easier
  • tagging of projects (you know, like technorati tags) and, based on this, “smart folders” of tagged tasks
  • a really cleand and light good look 🙂
  • a donationware strategy 😉

As of April 5th, the latest version is 1.3.2 and I already have more than a week of using both ThinkingRock and iGTD. I must say I’m impressed by iGTD. Have you had your iGTD experiences with this? I would be interested in some feedback…

4 thoughts on “iGTD! Do you?”

  1. “more than acceptable” means exactly that 🙂 I like the speed, but from my experience as a programmer too, I know that have to keep a good balance between speed and analysis. If you have a good speed but poor analysis process (meaning you just write code without knowing why) you’ll end up with a huge code repository and no application. If you spend time on endless process analysis, you’ll end up with a bunch of diagrams and no application at all.

    So, iGTD keep a good balance on those, although a little more focus on the analysis process will be good. Anyway, it’s a marevlous piece of software, I’m really really happy with it 🙂

  2. The new system seems extremely reliable, but I haven’t switched yet. But I expect that to happen pretty soon. I like the fact that the developer is very responsive and the development speed is more than acceptable.

  3. The big question is of course: how much time did it take to switch your trusted system and do you already trust your new system?

    I am very afraid switching my system that has worked perfectly for me during the past years.


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