Improve Website User Experience with Responsive Design and Augmented Reality

A modern website is an incredibly complex beast. Static sites that sit there waiting to be interrogated by users are dead or dying.

You want to serve your users better, to redesign your site to incorporate Big Data features and augmented reality.

Website design is a specialist field and you are wondering how to start on all the essential changes. Mobile is changing the internet, and not just websites. For example, people read only mobile optimized email templates nowadays, a huge number of email newsletter subscribers will simply delete your email if it’s not designed for mobile.

So, how does one adapt his online marketing ventures and more important, website to mobile? Here are a few solutions:

Responsive Design

If your website needs a redesign to improve the user experience on mobile devices you have two options; a responsive design or a mobile design.

If you use a responsive design then you have a single website that loads on every device. If you use a mobile design then mobile devices download the mobile version of your site and desktop or laptop users automatically download the desktop version.

Mobile designs are faster to load, easier to design and are compatible with every browser out there. (Responsive designs are incompatible with IE8 and earlier, which together hold a 24% market share.) Mobile designs also offer the user a way to see the Desktop view, which some users do want to use.

If you want a big say in the design of your site (and what business owner doesn’t?) then you definitely need to go with a website builder like IM Creator.

Responsive WordPress Theme

There are many hundreds of responsive WordPress themes to choose from. Some are free, but free themes often suffer from a lack of support and may not be updated as often as they should be.


Screenshot source

Premium themes are a better option for a business website, though you will still need a designer to tweak any theme to your exact requirements. A web design company can develop a fully responsive theme from scratch, or edit a unresponsive one.

Responsive Website Design Software

Modern website builders have incorporated responsiveness into all of their templates. Webydo a code-free website builder stands out as one of the easiest tools designer use to build their client sites.


Screenshot source

This program is popular for many reasons: It’s absolutely easy to use and cost free, was made especially for website designers with clients and has over hundreds templates you can customize and it is inexpensive.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to replicate a real-world situation on a phone or computer screen. Applications include virtual changing-rooms, walk-throughs and customization options for cars.

Augmented reality is the next big thing for the Internet. Forward-looking businesses are already implementing AR on their websites to improve customer interactions.

If more companies were aware of the AR data from Hidden Research quoted on Kishino Virtual Solutions we would see an explosion of augmented reality online.

When AR versions of products were compared with photo versions sales more than doubled, increasing by 135%. Customers also valued the AR product as being worth 33% more than the non-AR version.

How Do You Do Augmented Reality?

Clearly this is a specialist area and you will need to pay a SaaS provider.


Screenshot source

Companies such as Layar can be hired to enhance websites on a per page basis. When you look at the 135% increase in sales of products that use AR imaging there is a massive return on investment, especially for high-ticket items such as designer eye-wear, cosmetic surgery, cars and homes.


Customer loyalty is the Holy Grail that every business is looking for. You need to encourage customers to return by showing them a website that looks good and is easy to use.

But even that is not enough to make your site stand out in customers’ minds.

You need a mobile-ready site that has a clean and uncluttered design.

You need interactive components to your site like surveys and personalized offers to drive sales.

In the very near future you need to examine possible applications of augmented reality in your niche and how you could use this technology to encourage visitors to return with their friends.

Your Input

How has your website changed in recent years to improve customer experience? What effects did your changes make to sales figures? Please share your experiences using the comments box below.

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