Is Water A Super Computer?

This is a movie I saw two weeks ago. It’s about one hour and 20 minutes long and it talks about unusual things about water. I got the link from one of my astrology groups where I’m subscribed, so I expected something beyond scientific. But most of the time in this movie, it’s the scientists that are speaking. And they’re speaking about stuff that we don’t know yet about water, even if we did walk on the moon or discover the atomic bomb (yes, they are talking about “heavy water” too, several times).

I’ll let you see the movie for now, and if you think like commenting upon it afterwards, you’re welcome. But if you don’t want to see it, I’ll outline what surprised me the most, and try to comment a little about it. So, without further ado, these are the key points in the movie:

  1. Water has a changeable structure. The chemical composition remains the same, of course, but the structure – the physical model of the atoms in the water molecule – can change in unusual ways. One of the key speakers in this movie is Masaru Emoto famous for his water crystal pictures, also featured in The Secret… This structural water change can be interpreted as a form of water memory, or information computing.
  2. The water structure can be changed by human thoughts or emotions. If the first property is somehow easier to understand, the second is one of the most surprising and revolutionary ideas – if proved true. The majority of the movie tries to make us believe this. I, personally, don’t need some scientific proof for that, but the movie makes quite an effort in this direction.
  3. The water structure can affect back our thoughts and emotions. Again, one of the most consistent movie approaches. The quality and information contained in the water can dramatically affect human behavior. Knowing the fact that we’re 80% water, this doesn’t seem too unusual.
  4. The structural changes of the water can physically propagate over a variety of other materials, including air, explaining partially some telepathy experiments.

There are several other points in the movie, but I think we can safely reduce them to those 4 above. Now, if this proves true, we are in front of a major breakthrough. We’re surrounded by water, we’re made of water so the way in which we interact with this element is fundamental. 

The most challenging approach about this is the fact that water can act as an information propagation medium, sort of a computer. A giant super-computer made of water is something even more revolutionary than Matrix, if you know what I mean. It could be the most advanced yet simple information storage and computing machine ever invented, a device in front of which even the most advanced man-made computer will look like a toy.  

Personally, there are some parts that I totally agree with, some parts that I do consider pure fantasies, and some parts over which I still wait for some other pieces of information to appear and shed some light. The most important part in which I totally believe – and I’ve been living it, so to speak – is the fact that the water structure can be affected by our thoughts and emotions and our thoughts and emotions can dramatically influence water. I’m a Scorpio, a water sign, what can I say? 😉

The comments at Google Video page for this movie are ranging from rant to enthusiasm, from total belief to rejected “pseudo-science”. What’s your opinion?

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  1. I found this quite interesting as I recall the water-based super computer “Zero” in the 1975 film Rollerball that held the sum total of human knowledge. However, Emoto’s work is widely considered pseudoscience and he is criticized for going directly to the public with misleading claims that violate basic physics, based on methods that fail to properly investigate the truth of the claims. Personally, I have multiple degrees in chemistry and physics and I think his claims are ridiculous.

  2. Not only water but also food carries the energy (positive or negative) and it has an impact on one’s thought process/spiritual side – One can experience the delta effect after consuming them – if one’s spiritual state is awakened.

    (Note as far as food is concerned you can relate it to being on raw diet : but then its more than that – the energy levels of the person who is cooking the food also come inside the food)

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  4. Sure Dragos 🙂 The simplest test for checking “good water” / “bad water” is to keep it for a couple of days in a closed bottle (glass bottle only). Taste it after 4-5 days – and you will notice that the “bad” one is almost undrinkable, while the “good” one will still taste fine. Stay away from the plastic-bottled water as much as you can – but hey, don’t dehydrate yourself just to avoid drinking the “bad” water. No water is far worse than “bad” water.

    I guess that more important that the “native” quality of water are the vibrations / energy around it. And the way we drink the water – this is a something I’ve learned from my Qi Gong master. Try to drink it is small sips, and imagine that the water is cleansing all your internal organs. And when taking a shower, imagine the same – that all the bad things are washed away (externally and internally) from you.

    Last, but not least – as already pointed in the film (and I have tested this, time and again) – the Holly water would taste “fresh” even after ten months or more … Initially I thought it has to do with the basil inside, but just immersing the basil into the tap water, won’t do the trick.

  5. Hi, Bogdan,

    Yeap, that seemed little out of my understanding too. At least for now.

    On the other hand, did you had any direct experiences with good water / bad water? I’m just starting to scratch the surface with it, and I could use some advice / experience.

    I confess that I barely drink water on this raw food diet, and I had to discipline myself to have some water from time to time. It seems that the raw food diet is providing enough liquid to keep me hydrated.

    Anyway, I would like to experience more with some of the ideas in the movie. Any starting point will be helpful.


  6. Hi Dragos,

    Thanks for sharing the video – great material!

    I agree with your point that some things seem pure non-sense: like “no material will burn without water” – hey, just ignite your family diamonds (on your peril) and they will burn – without any drop of water :))

    To get on a more serious note, from my experience I can confirm that the “good water / bad water” exists, and actually influencing water is a Qi Gong way of transmitting the energy (“CHI”) to someone else. Also let’s think about Feng Shui and all its influences …

  7. I read the wikipedia material and it seems Benveniste’s experiment has failed. Interesting how all of those new ideas are surrounded by “pseudoscience” assumption though…


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