It’s In The Small Things

This is the 18th article from my 230 days writing challenge. As I was starting to think of today’s topic, the sheer size of this challenge somehow took me by surprise, and I suddenly stopped looking. Instead, I tried to understand what exactly made feel strange about this challenge. After a while, I realized it wasn’t the amount of work involved, nor the amount of time this will take – until the end of the year, that is.

I think it was mostly how I perceived the current place in this journey, where I am right now.

18 articles out of 230 is insignificant. It’s less than 8%, a negligible amount. I almost didn’t even start.

And yet, each and every article I wrote so far in this challenge counts. Each article took a part of my time, a part of me, if you want, and let it out, frozen in a unique string of words that will remain here like footsteps in the sand. Each article, as insignificant as it may seem from the heights of a 230 days challenge, is a world in itself.

We often forget how important little things are.

Just like the articles I wrote so far in this challenge, each and every day, little things are actually filling out the void that surrounds us. They fill it out with memories, emotions or just parts of a huge canvas that creates what we call our “world”. We may be focusing on that big goal, on that huge achievement, but, no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot make a huge leap forward and reach to it: we have to get there small step by small step.

It’s in the little things, folks. Everything that we’re looking for is actually in the little things, as even the biggest ocean is nothing but a huge collection of small water droplets.

And I find it actually cute that I can say “it’s in the little things” in such a small, little article.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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