I’ve been tagged: why I blog?

Lyman Reed, from CreatingABetterLife.net, just tagged me with one of the simplest, yet extremely chalenging memes: why do I blog? I do have to come out with 5 answers for that, and then I do have to have another 5 persons to tag for myself… Without further ado, here it is:

  1. Because I enjoy writing. I always did. I wrote poetry when I was young, two novels, short stories, you name it… And, since I decided to try my entrpreneur role in this world, I also wrote a lot of business plans, job descriptions, contracts, and, being one of the lucky fellows out there, a lot of invoices too 😉
  2. Because I use it as a “RAM empty” tool. Being a convinced GTD-er, I truly enjoy the benefits of a – mostly – empty mental RAM. Empty from open-loops, of course…
  3. Because it helps me meet people. Once you’ve done it correctly, a blog becomes a micro-cosmos of you, and the blogosphere will act like a little galaxy. You actually float in this enormous galaxy, and the gravity of your interests, posts, tags, links, blogrolls and memes attrracts and get you attracted to a whole new line of people that you haven’t known they even exist…
  4. Because I always like to test new business opportunities. I take the business side of blogging seriously. Really seriously. I started my online business in Romania 8 years ago, when you hardly could find a person out of one million to know what is Internet, and now I just reached the 1.000.000 unique monthly visitors mark on my network of sites. Blogging will have the same evolution, only faster. And, if I decided I will go on that race, I want to have front seats 🙂
  5. Because I do enjoy technicalities like programming, setting up servers and sites, widgets, plugins, and so on… I really do.

Well, that was me. Now, for the rest of the people I would like to hear, I have several choices, unfortunately, more than 5. So, I have to take one second to think about it. … Ok, done :-).

I summon the following fellow bloggers: John Chow, Darren Rowse (two of my preferred money-bloggers), Brett Kelly from crankingwidgets.com, Glen Stansberry from lifedev.net, which together are some of my fellow GTD-ers out there in the blogosphere, and Simonne Matthew from AllTipsAndTricks.com.

While I understand the fact that following or not a meme it’s a personal choice, and some of the tagged people will do it, some may not, I do hope for the best and I expect that I would eventually come up with some fine answers for my most hidden questions about those fine bloggers :-).

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2 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged: why I blog?”

  1. That was great, especially the part about emptying that RAM. The idea of getting it all out of my head has probably been the best distinction that GTD has given me.

    Thanks for responding to the tag! 🙂


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