Law Of Attraction And Action

Everybody talks about it. Everybody seems to know everything about it and I guess every second there is another post on some blog about The Law Of Attraction. I first heard about it when I saw The Secret, 2 years ago. I was touched by the movie and I was lucky enough to have already seen What The Bleep Do We Know, so I was somehow prepared for more. The movie had quite an impact on me. I do plan to write more about the movie later on, including about what I call the “too-sweet-for-me-layer-of-consumerism” that surrounds the much more difficult to ingest core of the film. But for now I’d like to share some of my opinions about The Law Of Attraction and what makes it really work for you. And that would be: Action.

First of all, The Law Of Attraction wasn’t discovered with The Secret. It was there all the time, only with different names. I guess every major religion had a way to convey this: “as above, so beneath”, “what’s inside is outside”, and so on. So it’s not a major breakthrough of the movie. The major breakthrough of the movie was the fact that was able to communicate it in a very simple way to a massive audience. That was the real hit behind The Secret.

Second, The Law Of Attraction works whether you are aware of it, or not. That’s pretty clear for you when you first understand it and then try to remember your life. It’s like somebody has lit a torch in front of you. It suddenly becomes clear. Your whole life revealed to you in such a simple and logical structure, that you could never use another way to describe it. It always works, whether you are aware of it or not.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

It’s the fact that everything you think becomes reality. Everything you want becomes reality. Everything you intend becomes reality. It’s the proof that you are of divine essence, being able to create your own universe.

Everything you do, think or intend, has a vibration. Your body has a vibration. Your thoughts are carrying a vibration, and I mean the physical electromagnetic charges that are composing the synapses. Your brain works on 4 different brainwaves, from alertness to sleep. You communicate by using air vibrations called words. Everything around you is vibration, even if the scientific tools are sometimes too obtrusive to measure it, like in thoughts or intentions.

And that vibration will always synchronize with similar vibrations. That’s the “attraction” part in the name. Everything you do will align with similar patterns or vibrations, regardless of what you “think” you are doing. Exactly. The Law Of Attraction can’t be fooled. You may act like a certain persona you created into your mind, but that would be only a curtain for somebody else to hide behind, far more closer to your real nature and vibration. You may act correctly from a social standpoint, but your deepest feelings might incongruent with what you are publicly showing. You may think you are doing all the good in the world, but your activities are just hiding a much powerful vibration of fear or scarcity. There are many vibrations within yourself, but you will be broadcasting only your most powerful vibration, even if you do carry other, smaller, waves.

How You Can Work With Law Of Attraction

You don’t need a degree to start working with it. You just need yourself. You work with your emotions, your thoughts, your imagination. It’s that simple. Or that complicated, because living a life in complete alignment with what you really want is much more difficult than it should be. I guess you know that already.

Every intention you put, every thought you have, every desire you broadcast will carry its own vibration. And will attract similar vibrations. You attract people, things, opportunities, situations, everything. You don’t have to learn a specific language to understand the Law Of Attraction. You are already working with it. And everything around you is a direct result of your Law Of Attraction. Difficult to swallow, because if you’re unhappy you are taught to blame it on somebody else. It’s a consequence of our modern manipulative mindset: it’s your spouse, your friends, your parents… No, there isn’t everybody else’s fault, it ais not even a fault,  it is just a natural consequence. It’s a simple thing called responsibility. You create your own universe and that’s the tremendous good news. Because despite the fact that your life seems to be bad now, you’re the one who created it, and that means you’re the one who can change it.

And by that we’re coming to the most important thing, often ignored or minimized by the Law Of Attraction gurus: the Attraction works for everything, including your laziness, procrastination, confusion or lack of action. If those are the vibration you’re casting, that is exactly what you should expect from the universe to send back. You’re broadcasting a lack of action, a vibration of inactivity, and this is exactly what you’ll be aligned to: lack of results.

If you’re not doing anything about achieving your goals, you will never attract them. If you’re fantasizing about what your life would be, you’ll attract fantasies, not your desired life. If you’re just sitting there staring at the walls with all the good intentions in the world, you’ll attract a lot of walls painted with a lot of good intentions but nothing more.

You need to act, if you want something. That’s the core principle of The Law Of Attraction, but most of the people are mislead by the terms: “just think you have something and you’ll have it”. Of course you’ll have it, but you have to actually be able to have that thing, to position yourself in a physical context for that. Thinking about something too much makes it out of sync with the physical reality, it will be just a thought that will attract another thought, not a physical object.

My Experience With Law Of Attraction

Ok, enough with theories. Let’s think about what you would do to change your career? Your love life, or you wealth? How can you attract more good people into your life? More opportunities? More money? To be honest, I can’t tell you what to do about that and that’s because you’re the only one who knows what you want. I can’t think or feel for you.

What I can do, however, is to tell you what I did to change some of the things in my life, maybe it will inspire you in some way… And I intend that to be a very practical, down-to-earth approach with simple things that you can make. Let’s start with a goal.

Selling My Online Business

That’s a really easy to understand goal, I suppose. I’ve had a web publishing business for about 10 years. It was pretty good in its field and I was making a decent amount of money out of it, although I never become rich. It was just a thing that was working, with a huge amount of personal involvement and with giant quantities of energy consumed for it each and every day.

But in the last 2 years I gradually starting to feel a subtle need for a shift. I felt the urge to do something different. My current context, in terms of financial freedom, career and creativity was not enough anymore. When I realized that I first tried to put myself in a contrast position and tried to cheat a little: I tried to remain in the business on a formal level, but escape into a new world only partially. Like waiting for somebody else to take care of my own business, while I started to do things that I really enjoyed. It didn’t really work. On the contrary, the business started to decline.

And then I took the decision to sell it and make the change at all levels. Just cut it loose. Doing something with half of a measure was just a silly and ineffective way of cheating myself. So, I started to identify what exactly selling the business meant for me. How this will directly change my life, in every aspect. I actually wrote a list about everything that could change after that. You know, in a word processor, with bullets and all. And that seemed to be the real start of the change. I was not cheating anymore. I was aligned with what everything in me wanted to happen. I projected the next universe in which I wanted to live, while still accepting the current one. The “old” universe was still in place, and I had to do my everyday work just as well. But I started to draft the next universe, in a conscious and honest way.

I will skip some phases of this gradual development and go directly to some of the simple exercises I put in place, after I correctly identified what I really wanted to do. After all, this post is about actions, not personal stories.

Identity exercises

If you want to change something in your life, you will actually become another person. For instance, If that new person will have more free time, you will have to know what to do with it, otherwise you will become stressed, confused and start to resist the change. This is so simple. Yet so many people are taking this as a joke or a childish way to lose your precious time. Well, not me.

I started to imagine myself everyday as the person that I would become after the selling: no more time at the office, a lot of reading, exercise, blogging, and so on. I actually started to feel all those experiences. I projected myself in each and every new context I wanted to explore. Several minutes per day.

To be honest, I used my iPhone to set up calendar reminders. Every morning I had a list of things that I should read on my phone in order to remind me how the new person should be. Strange ways in which one can use his iPhone, I admit. But it started to work.

In the beginning, I experienced some strange contrasting emotions. On some level, I was a person with a lot more free time, who was reading more, blogging more, but on the current reality level I had to deal with the normal pressure of running a business. Pretty cumbersome. But I insisted and in several weeks, things started to settle. The new universe started to shape. I was actually starting to understand how the change will affect me and started to accept it. It wasn’t any contrast anymore between my current situation and the next situation. It was a transition situation.

Opportunities acceptance

Once this type of exercise has become a habit, my attention started to shift towards other types of objects. My main activity as a business owner was about growing opportunities. Finding new clients, implementing new features, and so on. But once I internally agreed that I will sell it, I suddenly started to observe selling opportunities.

I started to be contacted by potential buyers. I started negotiations. And things were going pretty well: the first potential buyer seemed so interested that I thought it was a firm deal. We even established the price and the details. I was thinking that everything was ready, so I gave up my identity exercises and re-shifted my attention towards business growing. In less than two weeks, the deal was off. I was puzzled. Everything worked marvelous, and all of a sudden, my only potential buyer pulled the plug.

It took some time to realize that the source of this change was not within the buyer, but within myself. I closed the doors of the deal, because I ceased to project myself as the new person, and because my opportunities acceptance was shifted again enforcing the current reality, in place of the next one.

So, I started again. I rebooted my iPhone morning exercises exactly how I did before. This time I did even more. I started to go out and directly sell my business, instead of waiting for clients. I started to identify potential buyers and meet with them, let them know that we can have a deal. In weeks I had around 5 new buyers. I continued to keep my identity exercises with even more accuracy while slowly starting to detach from my current managing activities.

In a month, my business was sold. Needless to say that I had to keep those exercise for a while even after the business was sold. It was a part of the process which in change management is called “freezing the change”. A very necessary step in order to keep the benefits of the intended change. I even wrote about that on the blog in order to have a deeper understanding about the fact that I was still me, only better.

Law Of Attraction And Action

The change was possible only when I actively became involved in my goals. Only when I started to go out and seek opportunities and when I was 100% committed to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Of course, just the thought was powerful enough to give me a first opportunity, but refraining only to thoughts will never lead to any physical results.

The Law Of Attraction works even if you’re not aware of it. And your actions, and ONLY your actions, are the fuel for all the changes in your life.

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  1. Thank you for this article as really needed to hear it today and I got it. Putting your own story to it made it click for me. Keep up the great posts and thanks again. Cheers Dean

  2. Huge thanks.
    I wrote a lot of info amonth ago while sitting in a library. I finally got the courage to post it last night – Open up about your love of life. I mentioned within it that I am starting to picture a future and visualizing myself in that future. I am going to apply this exercise much more frequently.

    scott webb’s last blog post..Open up about Your Love of Life

  3. I want to say that yes you should be active towards your goals, but when we think with such passion etc, the LOA does put into place, coincidences, places, people etc to encourage us onto our goasl whether its a new business, friends a partner etc…

  4. “There is always a voice in you that speaks the truth”
    -Conversations with God-, Neale Walsch.
    They made also a movie on this book but never saw it,,,,,
    Loose the fat, keep the muscles!


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