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GTD is consistently growing, as a coaching technique and as well as a software hype among programmers. Several months ago, the market was somehow isolated, with only several noticeable applications, but in the last 6 months I personally saw a huge leap.

Starting from hyped application that doesn’t yet exists, like OmniFocus, to recently strategically planned online apps, like Stikkit, which succesfully embarked Merlin Mann from the famous in their advisor’s staff. I think that was, from a PR viewpoint, an extremely good move, and I know for sure that the guys from Omni had the opportunity to do the same. Merlin politely stated that his support for OmniFocus is pro-bono, but the real thing is that his consulting services are a real gem. I mean, not only by their objective value, which I really doubt that can be challenged, but by the visibility and endorsment they could get by offically having Merlin in their team. That would gave them a huge advantage. From what I saw, Merlin took his advisor work very seriously (which I always knew he would) and gave us some insights, the stikkit thing looks pretty promising.

But hey, I just surprised myself talking about things I didn’t really wanted to talk about, so I guess my last emptying RAM session wasn’t so complete, I still have some bits and pieces left among my neurons, and you are just reading about them…

I started this post in order to let you know about a very well organized list of GTD applications here. The list includes desktop-based as well as web-based applications and it’s a fine starting point for a GTD beginner. lt’s a good starting point even for an experrienced GTD-er, because it includes some new applications like Ghost Action, which was just launched, and it’s still in beta. I must say that I was somehow attracted by the look and fell of Ghost Action, and one reason might be that its interface is very similar with the look and fell of Actiontastic.

Haven’t yet had any time to deeply test those two applications, but this is on my Next Actions list and should happen pretty soon. Until then, be sure to bookmark this link if you are looking for a starting point for your GTD application.

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