Living Life Like A Holiday

We all love holidays, isn’t it? Usually we only need the sound of the word itself to wake up in our brain pleasant emotions and nice memories.

But did you ever wondered what if we could live our entire life as a holiday? Sounds interesting, at least for me, and I’ll try to show you why…

First of all, what is a holiday?

Let’s look at a possible list of definitions:

– at a very general level we can define a holiday as a “break in your current stream of habits”. Using this definition, even a small trip to the mall at an unusual hour could be taken as a holiday. And, in fact, it is.

– another definition for a holiday would be a “reward”, something your receive because you worked for it, because you deserved it, or because, in one form or another, you paid for it. A holiday could be a five minutes break in the middle of a project, or just a beautiful morning in which you make a detour from your regular path to the work, just to see new stuff.

– and another definition could be: “a time for relaxation”, a time in which you avoid your regular work schedule and instead use everything around you to relax, to calm down, to de-tense…

– and yet another definition would be: “a time for adventure”. Most of us are using the holiday as an occasion for being “adventurous”. Being this at the relationship level, by trying to meet new persons or possible mates, or being this at the more physical level of trying to push the body limits in “dangerous” activities: rafting, scuba-diving, and so on

– and maybe the most popular definition of a holiday is “a time for freedom”, a slice of our existence in which we can break the rules, put out the weight from our shoulders and start living without any limitations

You can chose whatever definition seems appropriate to you, or even mix them together. And of course, you can come up with your own definition of a holiday.

Why we would live our life as a holiday?

First of all, because this is what it is. You can take my word for it, try to find arguments by yourself, or try to find them in other places, but believe me, at some point you will realize that this is just a holiday, a season for adventure, freedom and relaxation, a reward as well as a break in your current stream of in-between existences. As new-agey as it may sound, it will be revealed as true at some point in your life too…

But let’s say you disagree with that, why would you live your life like as holiday then?

Because it will give you some more new experiences than a linear way of living it.

Because it will help you break your general approach to the life as an interrupted stream of routines.

Because it will make you smile.

Because it will bring more colors in your life (have you ever noticed the richness in colors of holidays pictures?)

Because it will connect you with a new source of energy, and it will make use that one instead of your regular sources – which, by the way, you know you will drain up sooner or later.

Because it will help you accept your passage through this life, in which you have a beginning and an end.

And, most of all, because it’s so much fan.

Allegedly, if you came this far, it means you do have a tendency of living your life as a holiday, so let’s start exploring some of the ways in which you can accomplish this.

How to live your life like a holiday

First of all, start to smile :-). It’s holiday, remember, you do have to smile, this is what people do during holidays, they are smiling.

And then, start your day by expecting the unexpected. Like in a foreign country or an unknown new place, you don’t really know what it should happen next, but you are somehow prepared. This is the feeling, start to experience it day by day, morning by morning. Just imagine that you won’t have the same day at the office, or at home, and the order of things will be somehow, in a very intriguing and interesting way, twisted by an uncontrolled event or person.

Then start to look at the things like you usually do in a holiday. You do admire a lot during holidays, don’t you? Try to this every day: admire, be surprised, and allow you to stare from time to time at the world…

If, at any point in your day, you’ll be faced with a challenge, embrace it. Think that you are climbing a mountain, and that challenge is basically the only way you can continue your climbing, if not taking it, you will be, at the very best, stacked in the mountain, if not already descending at an increasing speed. Living like in a holiday is a great way of modeling your risk-taking capacities.

Be kind to other people. If this is your holiday, it is also their holiday too, so why bother to be grumpy or nervous? Just be nice to them, it’s only a holiday, after all.

Living a life involves spending some of your assets in order to receive some goods or services. By living life like a holiday you will try to enjoy your spending. It’s not like you have to go shopping, it’s like you are going to shop in an exquisite shop located in an exotic place. Or if you have to have business lunch, imagine that you are having lunch on the French Riviera. The waiters will suddenly seem to be kind to you, believe me, I tried it, and it worked.

Another thing that you do in a holiday and you don’t usually do in your normal life is to take things easier. Try to make it lighter, whatever should be. Don’t take it personally. And don’t do it on purpose. It’s holiday, why waste precious time by being angry at the world? It just doesn’t make sense.

Forgive more. That one is self-explanatory.

Forget less. While involved in a huge machine of social commitments, of daily stress and struggles, your brain will try to protect you by putting all the unwanted stuff in the darkest places of your mind. But in a holiday you are open, you are eager to see more in order to keep it in your heart, because it’s beautiful. Keep yourself open to new, because, even in an unusual form, the new is always beautiful.

And learn more. If some new task arrived at the office today, and you feel completely helpless, just imagine it’s rafting. Or scuba-diving. Or mountain climbing or horse-back riding. Or whatever thing you thrive to do in your holiday. Because, even presented in this non-appealing form, deep down that new task will add to your positive experiences as much as a holiday scout adventure.

When you know you are living your life like a holiday?

Basically, when you don’t need a holiday anymore :-).

If you had similar experiences or want to try some of those described here, enjoy and feel free to comment on this.

5 thoughts on “Living Life Like A Holiday”

  1. Interesting post. I’m going to look at is, and at myself more closely.

    What I miss the most about being on a holiday is the sense of freedom and possibilities. Lately I’ve been trying to integrate that feeling my daily life.
    Taking things easier and lighter is something I could work on,

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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