Location Independence

Being location independent is not necessarily about being a digital nomad (although this is still an option), but more about being able to adapt fast to different countries and cultures, while still maintaining a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Why Do We Have To Go “Deep”?

The other day I was out exploring Lisbon’s surroundings, namely Sintra. If you don’t know about this area, it’s a very interesting place. Not only it is surrounded by a…

Before Opening A New Chapter

…It’s fundamental to properly close the previous one. It might seem obvious, and yet, so may times we get so carried away with our current agenda, that we simply forget….

Anxiety And Learning

Every time I put myself in a new situation, context or physical place, I experience, at the same time, two different, and somehow complementary processes. One one side, there’s anxiety…

Short Game versus Long Game

In more pompous words, this blog post could have been titled: “How To Focus On Long Term Goals, While Still Making Sense Of Your Day To Day Life”. Or, even…

Remote Working In Spain

It’s been already a year since we moved to Spain, and I already wrote about the overall experience. In today’s article I want to focus on a specific area of…

One Year After Moving To Spain

Today, October 15th 2019, marks the first anniversary of moving to Spain. Exactly one year ago, me and my partner, Raluca, flew from Bucharest to Valencia with just two suitcases…