London Bridge Is Falling Down

Everybody knows the song, and if they didn’t play it at least once, they most likely heard it dozens of times.

When I started to write my daily article, this was the title that came out, just like that. I was initially going to write about how the world is falling down, but, somehow, this title seemed a bit lighter. As I was diving in, I decided to do a little bit of research. How the song appeared and why exactly the bridge was falling down?

It ended up surprisingly close to what I had in mind for this article.

I’m not going through all the research, I’m just going to tell you that the bridge never fell down (despite numerous damages suffered for more than 600 years), and still, the meaning of the song may have been a bit sinister.

The whole story of the bridge being built and then proving to be too fragile for various violent events can hint at a medieval practice called “immurement”. In this practice, people were locked inside rooms without exits and left there to die. And so, one of the theories about the song says that the bridge pillars contained bodies of the people buried alive, by immurement, as a form of both punishment and sacrifice. There is no archeological proof for this, though, it’s just a theory.

As sinister as it sounds, this is surprisingly close to how the world is starting to function now. As the medical management of the pandemic is more and more replaced by a political approach, which silences any medical opinion which doesn’t serve the ruler’s agenda, we start to see, in various places, more and more immurements. Segregation of pure and impure, vaccinated and unvaccinated. Increasing isolation of the “unlucky” group, cutting them off more and more from society, barely allowing them some hope of survival, if they don’t comply. It seems that the same sacrifice is applied in modern times, only the immurement is not that obvious. It is happening a bit slower, in plain sight.

I wish I am wrong about this. I wish there is still a way to go through this without all this circus, which will be hilarious, if it wouldn’t end with people actually dying because they’re denied basic medical treatment, with second class citizenship created by arbitrary political decision, half-backed by “science”.

I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning in a world in which I don’t have to show my papers just for walking on the streets.

Alas, this won’t happen. The nightmare is real. And very few people are awake.

Photo by Jessi Pena on Unsplash

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