Looking Around And Writing About It

As the year is coming close the its end, the vibration is changing. There is a certain silence creeping in. A certain sense of accomplishment. To be honest, I don’t know from where it comes. It’s not like we actually did something to change January 1st into December 31st. It just happened, naturally. All we did was surviving. And yet, it feels like an accomplishment. Another year.

There is also a certain sense of joy. Contained, for now, or, to use a better word, concealed. People learned, during the last two years, to be more mindful about what they let out socially. The brutal transformation that put the world on its knees wouldn’t have happened without this massive social engineering, which was fueled, mostly, by what people put out on social media. Looks like, slowly, many are starting to realize that. It’s not obvious yet, but it’s visible. I see less reaction, more observation. Less need to be part of something (a movement, a cause, a whatever), and more need to be alone. Or left alone, to say it right.

In many places there is a new wave of restrictions. Where I live too, but this time it’s different. It doesn’t feel like restriction, more like an unnecessary and annoying burden, that is bestowed upon us for unclear reasons. It’s not like last year, when everybody kinda knew what we are fearing. A year passed by, and during this year the initial information changed dramatically. What seemed dangerous, looks manageable now. What was described like a salvation, like a breakthrough for humanity, it’s starting to feel more and more like a giant farce. People are starting to doubt they were being lied. They aren’t convinced yet, for now they are just confused. For many, this two years break, as traumatizing as it felt in the beginning, was perceived also like a respite, like a time for recharging. Of course, while they recharged on some sides, they discharged on many other sides, and the lack of energy is deeply felt.

It’s also cold. Something that I didn’t feel at all in the last three years. It’s my first real winter as a location independent, with cold, and steamy windows and chicken soup urges. I restarted my long walks, especially during evenings, because I thoroughly enjoy the crispy air.

There are holiday lights on the streets and big Christmas trees in some squares. Around them, small stall with roasted chestnuts, leaving feeble, surprisingly sweet streams of smoke in the air.

It feels like something important is going to happen soon.

Or like something important just happened, and we are just now starting to understand what.

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