Making Money With A Purpose

Thinking of money lately, I am more and more inclined to assimilate it with a type of energy. There are so many resemblances yet so many confusion regarding this topic, and that’s because money is such an obsession in modern society. In this post I’ll use a simple analogy to explain why I think people don’t get enough money, what is happening when they get more money they could handle, and how to let into your life a wider flow of money. For a quick introduction of this concept, you can read first the article about money and you.

First and foremost, I assume that everybody knows how electricity works. It’s a type of energy man uses to enhance his environment (don’t bother for now to think how it is produced, that’s not the point). Let’s think for a minute how you use electricity. Most often, you activate a switch, and start enjoying the benefits. You make light in a dark room, or you make your environment warmer, or you listen to music, or watch movies. Behind all of this is electricity, which is a form of energy. And behind its usage, is you, with a purpose: of making light, or warmth, or interact with information.

Have you tried to use electricity directly? By literally putting your fingers into a power outlet? Unless you have serious integration problems or you’re less than 3 year old (in which case you’re not even able to read this), I bet you never wanted to do something like this. Why? Because interacting directly with a source of energy is highly dangerous for your physical body. You can have serious negative health effects if you try to manipulate electricity directly. But when you use it with a purpose – other than direct interaction – like producing light or warmth, electricity serves you well.

I guess now you’re starting to guess where I’m heading, and you’re right. Money, interpreted as a source of energy, behave in the exact same way. If you go directly for the money, you will experience something similar to sticking your fingers into a power outlet. But if you think at money like something you just use, in order to fulfill your purpose, the magic happens. You start enjoying the benefits as you enjoy the benefits of electricity.

Conservation Instinct

A lot of people may wonder now why they don’t get as much money as they really want. In all these cases it’s about direct access to money, which, as direct access to electricity, can be really hurting. I remember when I was a kid I used to play with batteries. I touched with my tongue the poles and waited for the tickle. I used to do this every time to verify if the battery still have some power. I couldn’t wait to buy a new battery for one of my toys and verify it with my tongue. It was a pleasant little tickling.

In most of the cases, that’s the exact volume of money energy one can have from a job, or from a moderate incoming money flow. You get enough money from your current job to make you giggle from the tickling every once in a while. But if you would like to experience a higher volume of that energy, most likely your conservation instinct will stop you, to avoid physical harming. That pleasant tickle would become a harsh shake. You just can’t handle such a direct flow of energy. The vast majority of people can only handle directly just the energy of a battery and feel some thrill, but when they go for more, something bad happens.

Have you ever heard of people winning huge amounts of money at lottery and then loosing it the next day? Or getting ill, or doing crazy and unexplainable things that in the end disconnected them from that money? Maybe they hold the intention of experiencing a lot of money so hard, that the Universe couldn’t help to obey and acknowledge it, but when they physically faced that pile of money, they just couldn’t handle it. Their fingers were into the power outlet and that seriously shook them up.

I also wondered why the people with direct access to huge amounts of money, such as finance managers for instance, have that weary look on their faces. In fact, every person who is in a close relation with free floating money is a tired and somehow scared individual. They stayed in direct contact with money for so long that they just couldn’t live without that thrilling shake, but also couldn’t avoid long term negative side effects. I literally visualize them with their fingers in the power outlet, with a numb smile, shaking and trying to cope with the flow. Until they die.

Using Money Versus Experiencing Money

Using money is an activity totally opposed to experiencing money. When you use it, you put something between you and money. You put a purpose. You establish a goal. And then you start converting that money energy into that goal, by initiating a creative process. I would like to say that this process is as simple as manipulating a switch and bring light in the dark, but it isn’t. It’s more complicated than that, but it’s very similar in nature. You manipulate money in a safe way. Your purpose is the safety glove between you and raw energy. You don’t stick your fingers into a high power outlet, you just aim for your goal, and use money as a resource. This is the fundamental difference.

This subtle but vital difference is in the fact you’re actually creating something. When you experience money directly – by aiming just for higher and higher amounts – you just succumb to empty numbers, which are in turn emptying your life step by step. Creating something is your true nature, is what makes you unique and raises your vibration. Creation and inspiration are closely related. Inspiration is just a resource and is fueled by an aligned creativity intention. Is like writing an inspiring poem: when you know you’re writing the right images, the words are just flowing in, they are a continuous stream of inspiration. The same goes for money, when used with a goal: it just start to flow in, and support your creative construction. You don’t even need a number, you’ll have exactly how much you need. And even more.

This is something that I’ve seen and directly experienced myself. I had that number mindset for years, and, as a business man, I did my share of financial projections, turnovers and profit scenarios, and so on. I focused on empty numbers and manipulated resources to grow those numbers, instead of manipulate money to grow my visions. I had a constant business growth, year by year, but it was slow and extremely consuming. I was literally eaten up by those numbers. Until I started to focus on other stuff. On creating something for me, or to share something with others. On providing genuine value. And that was the moment that changed everything.

Maybe this sounds a little childish to you. And maybe it is childish after all, but happiness is also a childish state of mind, don’t you think?

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  2. Again, I really like the analogy … simple and effective …
    And I am a firm believer in all comeing back down to simple (complex) energy … so I really enjoyed this one! Thanks!
    ~ Tina
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Black & White =-.

  3. So in less than 2 weeks I invested in the creation of a new site, writing a teleseminar -presenting it, writing 2 new programs and on a steep learning curve – the time invested is huge but focused, the $ well it’s being spent and at the end of the day I just hope to attract folks to what I have to say, share and experience. Weird thing is I declared this year as “abundance” yet I have a steady decline of business – so the income flow is low. I really hope I’m on track with purpose, as I’m starting to wonder if I have my fingers in the socket! Thanks for the great read, it’s giving me a little more faith – that patience and time to understand the on-line business world will shed a whole host of new opportunity for me to be on purpose (and yes see a flow of $ to stay on this path)


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