March Mariner Promo Code

In the last post about a Mariner promo code, I already told you about a long term partnership. Well, I’m writing this only to announce you that we’re up and going for the month of March 2008. I really hope that everyone who bought something from Mariner during February is happy, and hope that you will be too.

I said it many times and I will say it again: readers are educated, inteligent people. I’m not going to insult you with a noisy sale presentation, I will just give you the basic info and you’ll know what to do with it.

The Mariner Promo Code

for March 2009 is giving you an instant 15% discount for any software purchased online by using the following code:


Yes, I know, is not very techie but at least is easy to remember. Speaking of which, this code is valid until the end of March. After that, the code will change, and all you have to do is to visit eDragonu again and see what else we prepared for you.

How To Use The Promo Code

First and foremost, write it down on a piece of paper. It’s your passport to a 15% no question asked discount, so you don’t wanna misspell it. In case you don’t see it anymore on the screen, I’ll put it again:


and then go straight here: Mariner eStore.

You’ll see just above the list of products a text field in which you can input the code you just wrote it. Well, put the code there and see the magic happening. All you have to do now is to browse and chose your package.

Oh, if you wonder if this is an affiliate deal, meaning if I have a part of it, I can assure you it is. I find affiliate programs a very good replacement to display advertising. Direct affiliates deals, like this one, means I already tried or used the product for a respectable period of time and I know what I’m talking about. Display advertising is still very intrusive and can link my blog to products or services which I don’t really endorse. By having an affiliate deal with a company I know and by endorsing products I already use, I’m sure that I recommend something good.

What’s In It For You?

A fantastic collection of Mac software. You’ll find below a list of the most important packages, including some tools I use for years now. But remember, you can always go directly to Mariner eStore put the promo code in the text field and then browse to find whatever might interest you.

Mac Journal

MacJournal Mariner Promo Code

That’s my journaling and blogging tool of choice. This very post is written using MacJournal in a full-screen session. I like the green fonts on the black background, it just let me focus so well on what I have to write. If you don’t know what I talk about, feel free to download a free trial and if you’re in blogging or just started journaling, I bet you will be sold after just a few days. I know I was. In fact, MacJournal it’s so flexible that it can be even customized for a GTD like approach. If you’re into GTD you may want to re read how I make my MacJournal GTD compliant.

Mac Gourmet De Luxe

Mac Gourmet DeLuxe Promo CodeI am a raw vegan for more than 7 months now so I needed a way to write down my recipes. But Mac Gourmet DeLuxe is not only a recipe application, you can also create fantastic wine collections. Not to talk about shopping lists, instantly updated from the recipe of your choice. But my all time favorite feature of MacGourmet is his nutritional database. Every conceivable ingredient is there and you instantly know how many calories, which vitamins or how much fat is in your recipe. Don’t believe me? Try to download a free trial.

Mariner Write

Write Promo CodeA lean and clean writing application for the Mac. Not bloated and not anemic. It’s just what you need for good looking, easy to write documents. On a rather crowded market, with Pages and NeoOffice claiming the peak, Mariner Write is the silent guy that just does the job. Download your trial if you don’t believe me and see for yourself. I have a long history of using text editors, from Windows Write on the Windows 3.1 days (anybody old enough here to even remember that it was a 3.1 Windows version?) going through all kind of Linux editors, like vim or emacs, but when it comes to quickly an cleanly write documents without hassle I chose the simplest and most usable variant. And Mariner Write seems to fit very well to this description.

Mariner Calc

Calc Promo CodeEverything that was written above about Write can be said about Calc too. The only difference is that Calc is a spreadsheet application. An easy to use spreadsheet application. I, for example, I was practically raised with Excel, so any other option would be like I will break free from a restraining home. Again, don’t take my word for granted, go download a free trial and assess your needs. There is even a package of Writer and Calc (and that’s pretty logical if you ask me) so you can have everything in one shopping lot.

But that’s not even remotely all. You will find other gems in Mariner eStore, just don’t forget to put that code there. Here it is again:


And this gives you a 15% discount, no questions asked, for ANY Mariner software products. And that’s only the beginning, I do have other things going on for you starting with April, just be sure to continue to read eDragonu. You may even subscribe to my RSS feed, for instance.

Ok, that was it. Happy shopping!

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