Mariner Promo Code – August Edition

It’s that time of the month again, meaning 1st. And every month, every 1st, I give you the special, unique and exclusive mariner promo code which will give you an instant 20% discount on any Mariner products. Many of you are long time readers of my blog so I’ll just jump to the promo code first, and then get to the details. So, here you are, the mariner promo code valid for the month of August 2010 is


With this code, you should go to the Mariner eStore, stuff your shopping cart with lots of goodies and then enter the code in the designated field. Hit “update shopping cart”, and voila, all the products will magically have their prices cut with 20%.

While I was writing this I couldn’t stop thinking that this may be the longest promotion in the history of web. I mean in 3 months we’ll be making 2 years since I’m running this monthly promotion on my blog. From what I know, a few thousands of people used this promotion successfully to buy quality Mac products from Mariner and for that, folks, I’m grateful. I really am.

Just a few days ago i was writing about how to make money blogging, with a big emphasis on online reputation. This promotion is the best example of how you can run an honest blog and still make a decent amount of money while making everybody happy: the vendor (in this case a software producer), the readers (you, the ones that are making my day, each day) and me, the blogger.

One of the products that I still use on a regular basis is MacJournal, by Mariner. I use this as a core of my blogging setup, I use it to write my ebooks and I use it to create short templates for habit change. Quite versatile this product, right? Well, go read the posts in which I describe all these fancy stories about blogging and implementing new habits and if you like them, feel free to buy MacJournal. You can even drop me a line here if you did. You know, just to make my day ;-). As you always do, anyway!

Now, just in case you didn’t read it from the first time, here’s the mariner promo code for the month of August 2010.


Happy shopping!

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