Mariner Promo Code – May 2011

If you’re like the vast majority of people, perhaps you’re celebrating Labor Day right now. By resting, that is, not by working, like other people. I won’t give names, but you know who they are 🙂

Well, good for you, because after you’ll get back home for this well deserved holiday, there will be something nice waiting for you. A promo code for Mariner Software, which will give you an instant 20% discount to any software you wanna buy from these guys. Oh, and this promo code is totally exclusive here, you won’t find it anywhere else on the net.

I’m running this promotion for more than 2 years now. And literally, thousands of people already took advantage of it. Let me give you the code first and then you will have a little explanation on how to use it:



In order to use it, you should go to Mariner eStore first. Start shopping around. Once you’re happy, enter the code above into the designated field of the shopping cart. Click “Apply” and voila, your shopping cart should be discounted now.

Just in case you didn’t get the code from the first time, here it is again:



Yes, it’s that simple. 🙂 I know I could have written a much longer post detailing all the benefits, using some smart text anchors and a lot of vivid (if not downright upsetting) imagery with software boxes and so on. But I didn’t. Because I know my readers. If they want something, they will simply know that and will choose accordingly.

Happy shopping!