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I never had a guest post before. Although I blog for more than 3 years, I just didn’t have any. This is why part of my intended promotion strategy was to include guest posting in my second half of the year as a full time blogger. But I wanted something different. Guest posting seemed like a very good promotion strategy, but I had to come up with something new. And several weeks ago I came up with this the idea of massive guest posting. Now, what is this thing and how it’s different from normal guest posting?

Massive Guest Posting

Regular guest posting means publishing one of your articles on another blog. Massive guest posting means

  • publishing several of your related articles
  • at the same time
  • on several host blogs.

In my case, the related articles emerged naturally as a spin-off series from one of my most read articles: The 7 Ages Of A Business. That was an article with a good potential. And even while I wrote the article I knew I can add a lot to it. There was so much left to be said. So, I thought to write a separate post for each business age with more details.

But instead of publishing all the 7 posts in my blog I thought it could be interesting to publish each post on a different blog as a guest post. From here it was pretty simply, I contacted several good personal development bloggers and pitched them. After 2 weeks, I had a complete lineup of 7 host blogs and also a structured approach to it. I intend to write a bigger article about massive guest posting once this experiment will be done, in which I will analyze what went right and what can be improved. For now, I will just announce that the massive guest posting is live.

Beyond the benefits of normal, atomic guest posting – and by atomic I mean one guest post on one blog host – massive guest posting offers a very interesting potential: connections at the blog hosts level. Since the posts are related, if one reader would want to know more about the exhaustion stage after reading the enthusiasm age, can visit directly that specific blog host. The content is spread over 7 blog hosts which are creating not only a semantic web of links, but also expectation and value.

As far as I know, there wasn’t yet any experiment like this. Guest posting is almost as old as blogging, but I haven’t see any massive guest posting in the last 4-5 years, forgive me if I’m wrong. And by massive guest posting I understand spreading more than 4-5 related posts at the same time on more than 4-5 different blogs. There was a little bit of a leg work to make this work, but I’m thrilled to make it happen.

The 7 Ages Of A Business In Reality

Just a short disclaimer about the theme of this series: the described ages of a business are not always surgically identifiable in the real world. Most of the time there is a blend between two or more ages at the same time. For instance, if you’re just starting your first business, enthusiasm and naivety stage can coexist happily in the first few months. If you are more like an experienced entrepreneur, you’ll stay longer in stages like attention, maturity, expansion and leadership. Those ages are also mapping the entrepreneurship behavior, experienced by me and by the entrepreneurs I met and done business with during my 10 years as self-sustained business man.

Massive Guest Posting Hosts

Here are the blogs in which you’ll find the posts. Must say beforehand that all of these blogs are very dear to me. I constantly read them for many months now, and I also have a very good relationship with the authors.

The post about the enthusiasm business age is published at, a blog created and maintained by Evelyn Lim (@evelynlim on Twitter). I always enjoy reading Evelyn’s posts, she has a way of writing about spirituality in a very earthy manner. I feel a deep connection with what she writes and I am also proud to be one of her Akashic Readings client. More about Akashic Readings in a future post. is an inspiring place.

The post about the naivety business age is published at, a blog created and maintained by Matthew RInger (@SmallBizBee on Twitter). Writing about business in an understandable manner is not an easy task, but Matthew does it brilliantly. I like the fact that almost articles are quick and clear. And the ones that are longer are usually interviews in a project called Featured Entrepreneur. is a fast growing and useful small business resource.

The post about the attention business age is published at, a blog created and maintained by Jonathan Wells (@mrjWells on Twitter). We’re all students of life, as Jonathan says on his blog and we all need advanced life skills if we want to make the most out of it. I like the clear, crispy style of Jonathan and I’m also becoming a fan of his ebook “7 Simple Steps – Life Transformation Guide”, but more on that on separate blog post.

The post about the maturity business age is published at, a blog created and maintained by Steven Aitchison (@StevenAitchison on Twitter). This is one of the most resourceful personal development blogs not only in terms of high quality articles but also special support materials. If I would be you I wouldn’t miss the excellent guides about lucid dreaming and making friends, those are really great resources.

The post about the expansion business age is published at, a blog created and maintained by Stephen Mills (@ratracetrap on Twitter). If you’re after new, exciting and powerful ways to extract yourself from the rat race trap (a dull, boring, 9 to 5 day to day perspectiveless life, that is) and you’d like that served in an exhilarating yet compelling style, than Stephen’s blog is what you’re looking for. If you don’t have the courage to do that yet, start by Developing The Courage To Take Risks.

The post about the leadership business age is published at a blog created and maintained by Steve and Jennifer (@mywifequit on Twitter). The blog documents the business journey of a young couple after Steve’s wife decides to quit her job in order to raise their beautiful daughter. One of the most constant and well written blogs about personal development and about having and running a small business. Read their full story about opening a successful online store.

The post about the exhaustion business age is published at, a blog created and maintained by Mike King (@Mike_King on twitter). This was one of the first blogs about personal development I started to constantly follow and I often congratulate myself for that. Mike’s universe is filled with great ideas and articles about self learning, career, leadership and life improvement. One thing you could really do to get in touch fast with his work is to access his free resources page.

Now it’s time for you to read and enjoy. Once done, remember to come back here and share your thoughts about the massive guest posting idea. Feel free to leave your comments on each of those sites as I will monitor all of them and answer to you there.

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  3. @David Cain: first of all, thanks for stopping by. And second, thanks for the nice words, I appreciate it. But the other 7 bloggers involved in this project are deserving those nice words as well, they were a big part of it. Keep coming back, your comments are appreciated. 🙂

  4. @Kikolani: thanks for the nice words, results are already showing, on many levels, not only traffic and links. About the threaded comments plugin, I keep receiving requests but I somehow don’t “feel” it yet. 🙂

  5. Hi Dragos,

    Very clever! You are a true innovator, and I think you may have sparked a new trend here, I wish I’d thought of it. I found this post through Rat Race Trap, so your strategy is definitely working.

    Keep it up!

    David Cain’s last blog post..Do Something

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  7. This is a great idea, and I’m interested to see if it catches on, and what the results of it is for each host blog and the writer – new readers, subscribers from one site to the others.

    Also, @Celes on the threaded comments. I too have avoided this… I have seen it working on several sites, but there is something about the fact that, if one comment gets too many replies, the formatting will get really confusing, as each one gets smaller and smaller within the last comment, and within all the boxes. I like they way Lifehacker has replies, although it would be perfect if the replies were automatically expanded instead of hidden.

    ~ Kristi

  8. @Celes regarding that threaded comments plugin, I’ve been thinking for a while to do it, but I haven’t yet found anyone suitable. Do you have a suggestion? Have you used them before? Thanks 🙂

  9. @Arswino thanks for the nice words, but it was a team effort. I’m grateful to my fellow bloggers who accepted to enter this experiment.

  10. @Dragos – That’s great! I look forward to seeing your post on that then 😀 By the way, have you considered installing a threaded comments plugin? It might be easier for you to manage your comments, especially since your blog is increasing in popularity by the day!

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Net’s last blog post..EmbraceLiving.Net in Media!

  11. Hi Dragos, it is a great idea to do a massive guest posting.
    I am very impressed.

    Arswino’s last blog post..14 Facts of Life You Must Know

  12. Well done; good information with a great way to get supportive exposure, thanks for your work.

    Angela’s last blog post..Zombies, Food Security and Little Shifts

  13. Dragos, I have to say you have written a brilliant series of articles and pulled off a great first with your massive guest posting. I am privelaged to part of this and have to thank you for the invitation and chance to work with some great bloggers.

    Steven Aitchison’s last blog post..the 4th age of a business maturity

  14. @Steve C: thanks for being a part of this, Steve, I’m honored. I’m glad you appreciated the articles and I will continue to post more about my online publishing business. But the rule of thumb for being successful is always: 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration 🙂

  15. @Bunnygotblog: thanks for the nice words, as always. Glad you find this inspiring, I’m sure you can do something similar for your blog and your niche. 🙂

  16. @Matt as always, I thank YOU for being part of this, all I did was to write and interact with wonderful people, you put attention and blog real estate to this.

  17. @Celes it surely was so much fun doing this, and yes, I think it’s innovative, at least I haven’t seen it before. I will write a much more detailed post in a few days.

  18. Thanks Dragos for all of your hard work! And all of the articles were excellent! I’m very proud to have participated in this. I’m also very curious to hear more about your success business venture. Congrats!

    Steve C @’s last blog post..The 6th Age Of A Business – Leadership

  19. Hi Dragos,

    Congratulations to You and the rest of the guys involved. Very creative and inspiriting.
    Cheers _

    Bunnygotblog’s last blog post..Chillin’ Like A Villain

  20. Thanks Dragos! I’m very proud to have participated in this.

    Stephen – Rat Race Trap’s last blog post..The 5th Age of a Business Expansion – Bigger Is Better

  21. Hey Dragos! Your idea of massive guest posting sounds like a very novel idea. I love your structured approach to this. Do share with us your results from this experience! 😀

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Net’s last blog post..30 Tips To Rule Your Job Interview

  22. @Ian Peatey: thanks for the nice words. It was different from normal blogging routine (I will describe the whole process in another post soon) but it was really rewarding. Seeing the posts popping up over the world at the exact same time was almost like an epiphany (I exaggerate a little, but still, it was fantastic 🙂 )

    Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Dragos

    I’m very impressed and inspired by this initiative. It’s such a great idea, and so elegant, I wonder why no-one thought of it before. Probably because it was waiting for the right man to come along and invent it (you!).

    It will take me some time to move through the 7 different posts, but just wanted to drop by and say what a great job you did to get this together.

    Ian Peatey’s last blog post..The beauty of differences

  24. @Jonathan: I thank you for being part of this, you’ve been extremely supportive and open. It was a fantastic experience to work together and I’m honored 🙂

  25. Congratulations Dragos,

    This has got to be an Internet first and it came off smoothly thanks to your hard work and dedication. I believe you just made history. Thanks for including me, this was a real rush.

    Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills’s last blog post..The 3rd Age of a Business – The Attention Age

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