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It’s time for our monthly promo code here, for all Mac software addicted among you (and I know you’re a lot more than I thought). Once again, I remind you that his is an exclusive promotion for readers, you won’t find these codes anywhere else on the Internet. It’s one of the way I try to reward my users, by arranging special deals with other value providers in the field. As usual, I will get straight to the point, giving the code and then I will give some basic description on what you get and how to use it.

The Mariner Promo Code

for May 2009 is


This code will give you an instant 15% discount on ALL Mariner software, including, but not limiting to, MacJournal, MacGourmet Deluxe, Story Mill, Contour, Write or Calc. This code applies even to packages for desktop suites you’ll find at Mariner website. All these are solid, stable Mac applications, developed by a company with more than 18 years experience on the online market. Oh, 18 years in the online mens several decades in other types of businesses, by the way.

How To Use The Promo Code

First and foremost, write it down on a piece of paper. It’s your passport to a 15% no question asked discount, so you don’t wanna misspell it. In case you don’t see it anymore on the screen, I’ll put it again:


and then go straight here: Mariner eStore.

You’ll see just above the list of products a text field in which you can input the code you just wrote it. Well, put the code there and see the magic happening. All you have to do now is to browse and chose your package.

What You Get For This Promo Code

LATER UPDATE: The May promo code is available for Paperless too!

It’s so fresh from the oven that it’s actually hot. I just received this confirmation a few minutes ago from my fellow partners at Mariner that our May code is available for Paperless too.

Why is that important? Because it’s pretty rare to have an initial discount on a software that was just launched. But you, readers of, you deserve that. You really do. Now you have access to a state of the art piece of software, so versatile that I can’t stop thinking at a new way of using every 15 minutes, yet so simple that even a college kid could use it with no prior training.

What is Paperless? Initially a receipt database, it was transformed by Mariner into a full blown digital document application. I do intend to write a full review of paperless soo, so I will tell you for now just the basics. With Paperless you can scan your receipts (you can even take a photo using iSight!! how cool is that!) store them with a few attributes and then organize them in collections or smart collections. But the beauty is that you can insert in this not only receipts or scans, you can even import PDFs. Now you understand why I find a new way of using it every 15 minutes. Because the sky is the limit. You can use it to organize you software manuals, your books, your pcitures (yes, it can import JPGs too) anything.

Please hurry up and grab this, and don’t forget to input the promo code, so you can get your highly unusual 15% discount.


I’ve already wrote several in-depth descriptions of the most popular software packages Mariner sells, so feel free to look at the February and March promo code pages. For now, I will focus on something a little bit different than the usual software presentation.

There is no secret I use MacJournal to author my blog posts. Also, there is no secret that I am a GTD’er for more than 2 years now -although I adapted this over the years, trying to squeeze out the hype and keep only what’s useful in GTD. Well, out of this mix between MacJournal and GTD was born one of the most popular posts here: Power Blogging With MacJournal GTD style. If you’re on a Mac, I highly encourage you to give a read to that article, many users found it more than useful.

But MacJournal is versatile enough to serve as habit enhancement tool, not only a journaling and blogging application. In this post, How To Create A Habit In 15 days, I explain some of the techniques I use in order to control and change habits, whenever it’s necessary. The post features a  free donwloadable MacJournal template including all you need in order to start changing your habits right away.

And things are not stopping here: here’s a post on How To Write An Ebook Using MacJournal. A simple, yet elegant setup in which you make use of the Smart Journal features of MacJournal. This post also features a free downloadable MacJournale template including all you need in order to start writing your ebook in minutes.

You can start by downloading a free trial of MacJournal trying my templates and see if they fit your needs.

Some of you might think I’m a little bit too enthusiastic about this. After all, it’s just a blogging software not a coffee espresso machine. Yes, it’s right, it’s just a tool, but a great one. Some of you may think I’m doing this exclusive promotion because I am also getting a commission on each generated sale. For those of you who have thought that, congrats, you are right! It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s a great way to monetize one’s blog. I’m getting a commission for each generated sale and I find this much better than to clutter my blog interface with stupid ads that will only get in your way. I’m promoting only things I’ve used and liked. It’s verified. It’s transparent.

And if you don’t like MacJournal, please keep in mind that you already have a plethora of other choices. Just give a visit to Mariner Shop, enter the code


and start shopping around. And hurry up, this code will be available only during May 2009!

9 thoughts on “May Mariner Promo Code”

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  2. @Scott Webb: Thanks for using the promo code and glad you are turning towards more productivity related content. There are already a lot of articles in the GTD category in this blog but there are also thousands of articles on this subject on the Internet.

    About personal finances, I highly recommend you to stick with Evernote, I’m using it for several months now for a variety of tasks and it’s working great. But Mariner, the makers of MacJournal, have already something cooked in the oven, called Paperless, a Mac application for keeping track of your invoices (primarily). I’m keeping close with them and I think I’ll be able to review the product pretty soon, so check back to see if it will be of any use to you.

  3. I took the leap and went with the MacJournal. I struggle with getting things done and I am trying my best to succeed at organization and time management. I am not too familiar with the GTD approach; however, I am stumbling across websites that have information on it and it seems that there is not such thing as an accident.

    I used your promo code for May and it worked great! Thank you for that. I plan to check out more of your articles that talked about its use and become a more organized individual and blogger! I really want a Macbook now for using it wherever. I dream to have the option to work in a coffee shop if I so choose and write or blog [and not use 3 different programs ie Word / Journal / WordPress / Evernotes.

    Also grateful that this will give me that sense of backup in the program external to the Interweb. Next I need to find something to help with my finances. I am thinking that Evernotes will work will for receipts!

    Look forward to future posts about this product or help with GTD!

    scott webb’s last blog post..Written Wednesday

  4. @Scott Webb: what can I say, you are right. I had this problem quite often and found that a desktop client can be of help here. And if the desktop client can be tweaked a little towards GTD, the better 🙂

  5. I recently had a huge malfunction on my new-ish blog. I am going to get this because It will save my blog entries here as well and if something were to go wrong i can easily import them in again I believe. Now I’d just need a mac laptop!

    Scott Webb’s last blog post..Written Wednesday


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