Midnight Inbox teaser

The guys from Midnight Inbox, the most polished Mac GTD I’ve ever seen (and this is about how it actually looks, not about how it actually performs) announced today a little teaser about what to expect from Midnight Inbox 1.1 version. Things are shaping pretty well, and I already saw some goodness, like “the dock icon of Inbox show its fulness”, or some serious sql speed improvments.

Always considered Midnight Inbox a sort of Maserati of GTD applications, not from the cost standpoint, but from a visual luxury perspective. On the other corner are applications like Actiontastic, with a minimalist interface. In the beginning of my GTD ramblings, I was quite excited about Inbox, but since I started to use ThinkingRock, no other applications has paralleled its efficiency, despite its, let’s call it, ugleness.

But the latest announcement from Midnight Inbox seems interesting, I will surely give it a try as soon as it is released.

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