MindManager contest: we have a winner!

Well, it’s been some time since we started our contest, and this was an enjoyable time. On 10th March the submission for this contest was over, so we have to announce our winner today. And, as you already read, we do have a winner!

I wasn’t overwhelmed by the quantity of comments in which you should show some of the uses of your mind mapping techniques, but the interest that mind mapping – generally speaking – got during this period was unexpected. For instance, in my last post My Most Downloaded Mind Maps, in only 3 days several mind maps almost doubled their download number. Here are some statistics (by clicking the link you will download the map, and what you see between the paranthesis is the actual, real-time, number of downloads): the no 1 map, [download#1], had 194 downloads when the top was posted, on March 9th, and now, on March 12th, it has 267. Also, [download#6], had 67 downloads when the top was made, and now, on March 12th, it reached 122 downloads. Quite impressive!

Back to our contest, my winner is A.R., you can see his first comment here. On March 11th he come back with another comment, but, to be honest, my decision was already made. I liked the way he/she (don’t really know yet, maybe a little presentation wouldn’t hurt 🙂 ) tries to keep things simple, and also I like the approach in evaluating other mind mapping applications, quite disciplined. Here’s an excerpt from his/her first mind map (click to enlarge):

Some words for Jeroen and Simonne (who had a terrific idea about mind mapping her love life…): maybe a little more involvment would gave them real chances. I expect them to be preparred for the next contest though, I really like their blogs and I think they have a lot of words to say and a lot of action to show about mind mapping.

Until then, congrats to the winner, and thanks to the guys at MindJet who gave me this opportunity.

Stay tuned, the next one is coming in less than two weeks.

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4 thoughts on “MindManager contest: we have a winner!”

  1. Thanks Simonne, your blog looks really better. I’ll have another contest wiht a mind map application pretty soon, so your CV could come in handy 🙂

  2. Thank you for the nice words. I’m really glad you like my blog. Sorry about the contest, I was not able to prepare my mind map in time. It seems that I’m more of a master of LTG (let things go) than GTD. Nevertheless, meanwhile I got another idea: to prepare my CV as a mind map. And I managed to overcome coding difficulties and arrange my blog’s archives the way I wanted to. Congratulations to the winner (and to the organizer, as well)


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