Modern Dragon Slayers

Sometimes, during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of a small village would wake up in the morning seeing their crops burned to the ground. Some stranger then would come in the village big square and tell that the crops were burned by a giant dragon, with huge wings, spitting fire. For a certain fee, or service, that person would also offer to slay the dragon. Should the villagers pay the fee, or enroll in a new church, the dragon slayer would work out his magic and, by his incredible prowess and with the help of God, the crops will cease to be burned.

And it worked. As soon as they paid the dragon slayer, the crops were left untouched.

The dragon was killed.

Of course, there were no dragons. Of course, those who pretended to save the villagers were the ones who burned the crops. Of course, they were just extorting the naive and fearful people.

Of course – and this will probably hurt – nothing changed. It works the same today, only the “dragons” are different.

It’s very easy to instill fear, especially when black swan events are shaking the subtle fabric of history. Like a global recession, or a pandemic. Once people trust their leaders on a few basic matters, they tend to extend that trust to areas that have nothing to do with the leaders real expertise. Once those pretending to be the dragon slayers get to a certain level of credibility, they can do whatever they want. Social credulity is as mobile as a piece of butter on a hot pan: you can just blow on it and it will move in whatever direction you want.

Add to this some “proof” that the danger is real, and you got yourself a dragon. Petrified citizens will beg you to save them from the very danger that you created. Or that you conflated to unnatural dimensions, based on some moderate, or manageable set of real problems.

Modern Dragon Slayers

Undoubtedly, the most dangerous dragon of our days is called Covid-19. With what we know now, it’s difficult to believe that someone fabricated this – just like they were burning the crops at night. But there are voices saying that this might be true. Presidents are asking for reports, they want answers. Or not. They might be just saying they want answers, and nothing will happen.

Bottom line, we don’t know yet. During the Middle Ages, some people reported seeing dragons. Hard to quantify their mental stability, though. Middle Ages is not a time which exceeded at mental stability.

Today, some people believe they will be protected by their leaders, and give up their critical spirit, turn against each other, and repel everything that doesn’t fit in the dragon slayers narrative. Other people choose to believe they will be better off just by learning how the virus work, and choose to decide for themselves. Some of them catch the disease and die.

But some of them don’t. These are the ones who are ruining the story of dragon slayers. They are the non-believers, the misfits. They make the dragon slayers look really, really bad.

And that’s the crack that grows between a world with dragons in it, protected by dragon slayers, and a world without dragons, with causality and personal responsibility.

Just like nobody would believe you now that a dragon burned the crops, in a not so distant future nobody will believe that aggressive lockdowns, social distancing, and other stories pushed in the running agenda are really working against a viral spread of the Covid-19 type and dimensions. All these strategies will look like some imaginary dragons, used by people who want to control and extort other people.

The events that are in full swing now will advance, the crack will widen and the two worlds will eventually separate. Until then, though, just like during the Middle Ages, expect some witch hunting.

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