Monday Moving Forward – Disrupt The Weekend Before

There’s a new Monday floating around, which means it’s time for a new Monday Moving Forward article, the series I’m publishing at the beginning of every week, with the aim of making the transition easier, helping you get unstuck and starting the next circaseptan rhythm on the right foot.

Today, we’re aiming at doing something not during the day itself, but during the previous weekend. Which means you can’t apply this tip now, the weekend is gone, but you can take note and try some of the coming weekends. Here it goes: disrupt the weekend. Create a difference so big between your regular routine and whatever you choose to do, that you have no other choice but to totally be immersed in it. Not to mistake this approach with planning the Monday on the Sunday evening, that’s another way to do it and I’ve already wrote about it.

This time is about extreme travel, for instance. Try a 2 days hike in a place you’ve never been before. Or do a project around the house, like remodeling your bathroom, assemble some furniture, clean all the closets, you know, something that will keep you glued to the task at hand for hours or, even better, for days.

I guarantee you that after a disruptive weekend, your Monday will magically stop feeling like chore. It will be fresh, ready to unfold, promising and, yeah, why not, easy.

There’s a caveat to this, though. Intuitively, many people are already doing this, by heavily partying during the weekend. This may, in theory, looks like disruption, but it’s actually not. You’re just putting your brains on pause for a few hours, at the cost of a huge hangover. Furthermore, if you do the same thing over and over again, every weekend, there’s no disruption anymore. It’s just putting your brains on pause with alcohol.

So, take a lateral step and try something different. Disrupt the weekend and let your Monday grow fresh.

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