Monday Moving Forward – Start The Day With A Casual Conversation

If it’s Monday, it means we have another post about tips on how to start the week on a positive vibe. It’s a series of small, actionable insights – or just ideas – trying to help with the “Monday blues” and setting up the scene for a more natural and productive week.

Today, it just dawned upon me how easily I can get into flow again after a long weekend, if, instead of jumping straight into my pile of tasks, I just start with a casual conversation. Coffee also helps, so if you do enjoy this habit, pairing the two together should make for a very nice combination. Just sit together for fifteen-twenty minutes with a friend or a colleague, or just your favorite barista, and talk nicely about whatever crosses your mind. It may be about how you spent your weekend, or updates about some projects, or some common friends.

The idea is to pair with someone else for a short amount of time, to engage and try to have a meaningful interaction. That meaningful interaction is able to create a bit of a soft reset – at least for me – allowing me to return to my work a bit more refreshed.

It’s also doable if you work remotely. Call a friend, or a colleague and try starting a casual conversation.

One caveat, though. Although it works all the time, how you engage in it it’s a bit tricky: if you do it in a “forced” way, it may do more harm than good. If you sound like you “have” to talk to the other person right now, it may add to the already present stress.

Try not to make it a chore. It’s not compulsory, it’s nice if it happens. You have plenty of other chores to attend this week. For now, just enjoy a bit of chit chat.

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